Mildred Patricia Baena was a normal housemaid for long life. However, she came into the spotlight when Mildred and Arnold Schwarzenegger decided to clean. She is the mistress of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Both fell in love when she was working as Arnold’s housekeeper. Arnold kept this big news away from everyone. Later, Maria found out about Arnold’s relationship. She got Arnold Schwarzenegger to sign the divorce papers immediately.

Even though Arnold had a relationship with Mildred, the media outlets didn’t want to deep dive into her whole background. Someone like Governer of California behaving like this was pretty disgusting. Keeping in mind that Arnold Schwarzenegger was already in a married relationship. He did it in their own house. While in the interview, she shared how hard it was for her to raise a celebrity child. Nevertheless, the matter cooled down, and now the son of both Joseph Baena is a successful real estate agent. Since nobody studies this matter, let us dive deeper into her life!

Quick Facts
Full Name Mildred Patricia Baena
Date of Birth March 1st, 1961
Birthplace Guatemala, USA
Nationality American
Ethnicity Guatemala
Relationship Divorced
Net worth 100k
Height 5 feet 9 inches
Weight 70kg
Children Joseph(son), Jackie(Daughter)
Mildred Patricia Baena
Mildred Patricia Baena and her son Via My space

Where is Mildred Patricia Baena From?

Mildred was born on March 1st, 1961. Her hometown is Guatemala. Guatemala is the city of central America and south of Mexico. There is no information about her parents, but her sibling’s name is Miriam Pena. Moreover, she seems to be married to Alex Aguiar.

What were the Mildred Qualifications?

There are no details about the qualifications. She seems to have taken some maid training before joining the Arnolds House. However, She has not disclosed any certifications for that particular training. We believe she was hired because of her skills.

How did Mildred Patricia Baena become Famous?

Baena is infamously known for being the mistress of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Both were involved in a sexual relationship even though both were married. Arnold seems to have kept the huge secret from his wife, Maira. Mildred did a similar thing. Mildred gave birth to the fourth child of Arnold named Joseph Baena in 1997.

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Mildred Patricia Baena
Mildred Patricia Baena and Arnold Via. HELLO!

Currently, the child is 24 years old and is thriving as a real estate agent. Wikipedia still announces all of them as the children of Arnold. As of 2022, it seems as the events are cooled down as Joseph has visited his biological father. Currently, there are no details available about Her. But we guess that she is living with her son.

Who is Mildred Patricia Baena Husband?

Mildred Patricia Baena’s ex-husband’s name was Rogelio De Jesus. Both seem to be husband and wife when this even happened. They immediately divorced after her name became linked with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Moreover, Mildred had a daughter Jackie Rozo from her previous husband. Currently, she is with Alex Aguiar.

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Is Patricia Socially Active?

Mildred Patricia Baena had a myspace account where she used to post about her lifestyles and parents. However, She is not active on any social media at the moment.

Mildred Patricia Baena
Mildred Patricia Baena’s son Joseph with his father, Arnold

What is the Net Worth of Mildred Patricia Baena?

Mildred left Arnold immediately after the incident. As a housemaid of a popular celeb, she might have earned 100 thousand as her networth. However, her current networth details are not available. Our best guess is that she is living with her son Joseph. (

What is Mildred Patricia Baena Height?

Mildred Patricia had a pretty obese body, and her height was around 5 feet 9 inches. Her real eye color was dark brown. Moreover, she weighs around 70kg now.

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