Joseph Baena, the hunk of a 24 years old, is the son of Arnold Schwarzenegger. He is Arnold’s son from the affair he was a part of 5 years ago. Joseph was born while his father was in a marital bond with Maria Shriver. However, Maria is not Joseph’s mother. Joseph looks very similar to his father, and his body structure is like Arnold’s. The father-son duo shares a similar facial feature, gigantic muscular body, and voice. Mildred Patricia Baena is Joseph’s mother. Joseph Baena Relationship with his mother and step-siblings is a constant headline.

So, is Joseph Baena’s relationship with his mother on good terms? Was Patricia a mistress? Yes, it is already out in the world that Mildred Patricia is Arnold’s mistress. She was the housekeeper of Schwarzenegger’s. Arnold cheated on his loving wife and children by having an affair with Mildred. So, being the step-child, does the family love Joseph? How is Joseph’s relationship with everyone in the family? Let’s find out about Joseph Baena Relationship with his family today. Furthermore, and observe his bonds from a closed surface.

When did Arnold find out about Joseph Baena?

As Arnold had Joseph from his housekeeper Mildred, he did not know that Joseph was his son for eight years. It was a well-kept secret, but eventually, he found it out. Until then, Mildred had kept it a secret from everyone. Hence, still to this day, Joseph does not adopt his father’s family name. Instead, he has Braena for his surname. Arnold put light into Joseph in 2011 when his wife Maria confronted him in a therapy session. The news of Joseph being his son broke out when The Los Angeles Times covered the issue.

How is Joseph Baena Relationship with his Mom Mildred Patricia Baena?

Joseph Baena lived with his mother until he was 18. Mildred moved into the new house with Joseph given by Arnold on settlement. Once he entered adulthood, he lived away from his mother and her boyfriend. He often talks about Mildred on different social platforms and appreciates her. His fans have times and again crossed his pictures with his mother. Joseph stepped out for his graduation with Mildred as well. But there is always room for some rumors that make headlines.

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It was on the surface that Joseph believes his mother played a huge role in his upbringing. But, for some personal reasons, Joseph is not on good terms with his mother’s boyfriend. However, Braena shares a good bond with his mother nonetheless. Mildred bringing her boyfriend with her to live is why he does not visit her often as before. Baena enjoys cooking with his mother if circumstances allow. Therefore, Joseph’s relationship with his mother is on good terms.

Does Joseph Have Step-Brother?

Joseph has two stepbrothers and two stepsisters. Namely, they are Patrick Schwarzenegger, Christopher Schwarzenegger, Katherine Schwarzenegger, and Christina Schwarzenegger. All four of his half-siblings are from his father’s ex-wife Maria Shriver. Joseph is just a few days apart from his youngest step-brother, Patrick. He shares similar facial structures with his half-siblings. Additionally, he replicates a similar physique with his step-brother as of their father.

How is Joseph Relation with his Step-Family and his Father?

Maria and Joseph have no link at all. Although Joseph is nowhere to be a part of the mistake, Maria could not forgive him. Maria considers Arnold’s affair and Joseph to be the reason for their split. However, it is considerable, but Joseph has a complicated relationship with his step-siblings. Maria’s children could not accept him completely still to this day. Joseph was once stopped out with his step-brother, Christopher. Overall, we can say that Joseph has a good relationship with his father and step-siblings.

But after that, he was not a part of Katherine’s wedding. He is never a part of his half-siblings’ pictures or posts. Nonetheless, Arnold supports Joseph to the fullest and shows his love publically. The father even congratulated the lad on his graduation by attending the function and posting it later on. Joseph often posts pictures with his father, and safe to say, the duo works out a lot together. They are often spotted on breakfasts and dinners together. The father-son share a beautiful bond.

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