Jackie Rozo is the daughter of one of the most controversial mothers, Mildred Patricia Baena. Baena came into the public spotlight after revealing the dark secret about her son Joseph Baena’s biological father, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Jackie lived a life between many family disturbances as her father Rogelio Baena later divorced her mother Mildred because she cheated on him. First, however, let’s find out the whole story behind this messy and controversial life of Jackie Rozo, but we will begin from Some Quick Facts mentioned below:

Joseph Baena Relationship With His Mom Mildred Patricia Baena

Quick Facts
NameJackie Rozo
Age27 Years
FatherRogelio Baena
Mother Mildred Baena
BrotherJoseph Baena
Net Worth$80K
Height5 feet 7 inch

Jackie Rozo Age

Jackie Rozo was initially born and raised in the United States of America, but her actual date of birth is unavailable. She was born to a father, Rogelio Baena, and a mother, Mildred Baena. Similarly, Jackie’s current age is 27 years old, whereas her step-brother Joseph Baena is 21. Besides, the lady holds an American nationality and is of white ethnicity.

Life Updates of Her Mother Mildred Patricia Baena

She has not mentioned her early childhood days, but her childhood was not that memorable because of her family disbalance. Also, Jackie has not revealed her academic details, but she is a high-school graduate, as per some sources.

Professional Life and Career

As said earlier, Jackie Rozo has kept most of her information under closed doors. So, her professional career has also not been revealed. But on the other hand, her mother Mildred Baena is best described as an assistant and housemaker who worked for the famous actor, politician, and bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Jackie became the highlight of the media headlines when Los Angeles Times published the news about her mother’s romantic relationship with actor Arnold all-over America. Jackie’sJackie’s mother Mildred has worked for Arnold for over 20-years, but when their unwanted relationship was revealed, they became a hot topic for gossip.

However, mainly Mildred and Arnold were the main characters who destroyed most of the lives of their family. As a result, they were publicly criticized on different social media platforms. After finishing the service, Jackie’sJackie’s mother retired from the job and was bound to take responsibility for the family.

Personal Life

Jackie Rozo is a single 27-years old young lady and does not have a boyfriend. However, due to her secrecy, we cannot conclude what she is facing in her personal life. She is a freedom-lover and wants to achieve a reputed career in her life. As a result, Jackie stays away from love affairs pr any relationship as of now.

But on the other hand, Rozo’s mother, Mildred, has a complicated love story. First, Mildred tied her wedding knots with her husband, Rogelio Baena. But unfortunately, the couple divorced after 10-years of a married relationship. The actual reason behind their separation is Rozo’sRozo’s mother’s secret affair with actor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Jackie’s mother, Mildred, worked for Terminator lead actor Arnold as a housekeeper and personal assistant. She is responsible for taking good care of the actor and his wife, Maria Shriver. But although Arnold is already in a marital relationship, he began an affair-romantic bond with Mildred Baena. As a result, together with the actor, Mildred gave birth to a son named Joseph Baena.

However, Mildred never revealed that Arnold is the birth father of their only child Joseph. But as the truth cannot be hidden for long, Mildred has to tell his father’s name when Joseph starts forcing him to know his birth father’s name.

After the birth of Joseph, his appearance started attracting more attention from the people close to Arnold and Mildred. It is because of his arrival, which looks much like Arnold. And finally, Patricia broke down in tears in front of Arnold’sArnold’s wife Maria, confessing that Joseph is the son of Arnold.

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Relation of Jackie Rozo with Joseph Baena

Although Jackie has not changed her feelings for Mildred’s mother, she has never talked with her ever since. Similarly, she has excellent bonding with her brother Joseph Baena as both are children of the same mother. Things were complicated and new for them in the beginning as Jackie was still growing up. But now everything has been clear and settled down.

Jackie Height

Jackie Rozo is a 27 years old woman who has dark brown eyes and dark brown hair. She stands at an average height of 5 feet 7 inches with a bodyweight of 63 kilograms. She is a healthy woman who mainly prefers to live a secretive and straightforward life.

Jackie Rozo Net Worth

Jackie Rozo has not revealed the exact information about her earnings or fortune. But she received $5000 in April 2010 and $60K in May 2010 by Arnold Schwarzenegger. Moreover, as an assistant and housekeeper, she might have an estimated Net worth of $80K as of 2021.

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