Today, we are looking at the infamous granddaughter of popular American actor Tom Hanks. Today will be learning how his son Chet Hanks gave birth to his granddaughter from a not-so-serious relationship. Michaiah Hanks Is a celebrity child and also the current media phenomenon. When she was born, she made headlines over media sites for being the granddaughter of Tom Hanks. Due to that reason, Media started to follow her steps in every direction.

However, due to a lack of information regarding her and her lifestyle. Everyone is having difficulty finding more about the popular star kid. One of the reasons her parents keep her off her media is that she is not old enough. Since her father and grandfathers have a huge role in the American film industry. We don’t have to wait for a while before Chet Hanks reveals anything about her daughter. We have collected as many resources available on the Internet to learn more about the popular star kid.

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Quick Facts
Full NameMichaiah Hanks
Date of BirthApril 16th, 2016
BirthplaceLos Angeles, CA
Net worthUnknown
Height47 inhes
Zodiac SignAries
Hair ColorDark Brown
Eye colorBrown
Father's nameChet Hanks
Mother's NameTiffany Miles
Michaiah Hanks
Michaiah Hanks with her Dad Via Celebsubrub

What is Michaiah Hanks Age?

As of 2022, she is around the age of seven years old. On April 16th, 2016, Michaiah Hanks was born in Los Angeles, CA, United States. Since she was born in America, her nationality is American, and her ethnicity is African American. She celebrates her birthday every year on April 16th. 

Who is Michaiah Mother?

Michaiah is the daughter of popular media star Chet Hanks, and The name of her mother is Tiffany Miles. She is also the granddaughter of grandfathered Tom Hanks and grandmother Rita Wilson. The name of Tom hanks the first wife was Samantha Lewes, as we already covered this topic on this site. Tom Hanks is the father of four children. Unfortunately, as of now, these are the only details available about her family background.

Where did Michaiah receive her Education?

She went to her primary school when she was around seven years old. However, the detail and the location, along with the name of the primary school, is not revealed to the public. This is done to maintain a certain level of privacy for the kid. Often on the streets of LA, Her father, Chet, and Tiffany are taking her to school. She spends most of her time playing with her family members and friends on playgrounds.

Do Michaiah Hanks and Tom Hanks get together?

It is no question that Tom loves his granddaughter Michaiah. She is well-taken care of by every member of the family. Even though she is an unwanted gift, Tom and his son Chet have shared numerous times that they love their little girl.

Suppose you go through the pictures of her father’s Instagram. You can see that she is seen playing around with her family members. Even though her family members love them equally, Tom Hanks also Loves her, just like his son. Now that she is an inseparable part of the family, Her presence makes it more fruitful.

Michaiah Hanks
Michaiah Hanks with her Dad Via Citygold

Does Chet Hanks daughter Michaiah active on social media?

As of May 2022, she doesn’t have a social media account. Minding the mental health of the seven-year-old, it seems that her parent has not allowed her to have a social media account. Even though parents usually control these social media accounts, they are not ready to share more about the popular start.

Will they ever open a social media account in her name? Well, that is a thing that we need to cover another time. However, her parents are not interested in opening her social media account.

Michaiah Hanks
Michaiah Hanks with her entire family Via Alamy

What is Michaiah Hanks Net Worth?

Macaya Hanks is just around the age of seven years old. Considering her age, she is pretty much young to start earning. Due to this reason, we could not find any source of our income. As far as her media coverage is concerned.

It is also pretty rare because her family keeps media off from her. Due to this, we could not find anything related to her net worth. However, we hope to update you once she grows older and starts earning her own money. 

What is Michaiah Hanks Height?

Anything related to her body proportion and height is not made public. This is done to stop rumors related to her skin color and others. However, by the looks of it, it seems that she might be around 47 inches and has a bodyweight of 29KG.

Besides that, she has mixed ethnic facial features with Light brown skin, darker eyes, and brown hair. As of 2022, she is not suffering from any major health complications. Ann is completely healthy. Finally, her Zodiac sign is Aries. 

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