Being born as a star kid has its benefits and sacrifices. Not only are you born with a silver spoon in your mouth, but you also have to take good care of it. Similarly, today will discuss yet another celebrity kid named Genevieve Mecher. Genevieve Mecher Is the oldest daughter of Jane Psaki, the CNN contributor. Other than that, her mother is an integral part of the current administration. She handles overall activities conducted by The current President of America, Joe Biden.

Even though her mother is quite popular in America, her daughter cannot say the same. The detail about her oldest daughter is kept confidential from the media. Her mother did it to protect or give her daughter some privacy. Involving your kid in the media from an early age might be something that orients their mental health. Due to that reason, there is not much information available about this target. So now you can Scroll down to learn more about the popular star kit through her biography.

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Quick Facts
Full NameGenevieve Mecher
Date of BirthUnknown
BirthplaceUnited States
Net worthUnknown
Height54 inches
Zodiac SignUnknown
Hair ColorDark Brown
Eye colorBrown
Father's nameGregory Mecher
Mother's NameJen Psaki
Genevieve Mecher
Genevieve Mecher Via Eafeed

How old is Genevieve Mecher?

As of 2022, she might be around the age of seven years old. We must assume this because her mother has not revealed anything about her birth date. As far as we are concerned, she was born back in 2015 in the United States.

Being born in the united states, her nationality is American, and her ethnicity is Caucasian. She is the daughter of father Gregory Mecher and Mother Jen Psaki. Other than these details, she is the only child in her family.

Where does Genevieve receive her Education?

Since her parents have not revealed anything about her birthplace, it is hard to assume where she goes for education. As far as we are concerned, she is taking her primary education at a local school.

Since it is around the age of seven years old, she will be studying her primary education for more than seven years. However, even after that, her parents’ plans are a little different. They are planning to involve her in media-related studies in the future.

Did Jen Psaki and Genevieve both come to Biden Rally?

When Joe Biden stood against Donald Trump, is fighting for his post as the Next President of America. He conducted several rallies across America to promote himself since Jen Psaki is the closest to Joe Biden and handles his every administrative work.

She was also seen in his several rallies in the different States of America. However, one thing that she didn’t do was bring her oldest child into it. As a result, Genevieve Was not seen with her mother during these rallies.

Genevieve Mecher
Genevieve Mecher with her mother Via showbizcorner

When did Genevieve Mecher parents get married?

Her mother, Jen, And her father, Gregory, are two of the most popular political figures. Even though it is not quite sure when they both met each other, it seems that they both got married back in 2010. After over five years of marriage, they finally conceived their first child.

After getting pregnant in 2014, she finally gave birth to her first child Genevieve Mecher In 2015. Even though the dates are rather controversial, it seems that she might have been born around that particular year. Unfortunately, both of her parents are busy individuals, so the chances of having a second kid are less.

Is Genevieve active on social media?

Usually, popular celebrities often opened their children’s accounts from a young age. In her case, her parents are keeping her off social media. She is vulnerable around this age. Her parents want her to start using social media when she becomes significantly older.

As of now, you can follow her mother’s social media account if you want to know more about her children. Her mother usually posts photos of her children and her lifestyle. However, we need to wait for a couple of years before the influential Child reveals its social media account.

Genevieve Mecher
Genevieve Mecher with her mom and dad Via Kfanhub

What is Genevieve Mecher Net Worth?

She seems to be not eligible enough to start earning at such a young age. Due to this, we could not find any information regarding her net worth. One of the major reasons we could not calculate her net worth was that she didn’t have any income source.

As of 2022, she is a child and lives completely dependent on her parents. Afternoon, she spends time playing with her friends and families and enjoys her life. But, like other details, we need to wait for a couple of years before she starts earning.

What is Genevieve Mecher Height?

Her height is exactly like the average height of any 7-year-old kid. If we have reported down numbers, her height might be around 54 inches as of 2022. She also resembles a typical Caucasian facial structure with blonde hair and blue eyes. Unfortunately, we could not calculate her body and a Zodiac sign due to a lack of information. As far as we are concerned, she might be weighing around 34kgs as of May 2022. 

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