People always love to talk about their favorite people. Hundreds and thousands of fans who follow Tuff Hedeman know him well. He is a professional bull rider as well as a presenter of championship bull riding from 2005 to 2011. Tuff is prominently famous for his contribution to the Bull Riding Sport Championship. But behind his staggering career, there is Tuff Hedeman’s new wife, who has stayed with him since the beginning.

Richard Neale Hedeman, born on March 2, 1963, in El Paso, Texas, was raised in a family of professional cowboys. Although his family matters barely come across in the media spotlight, Tuff Hedeman had a great childhood with lots of sportsmanship experience.

All You Want To Know About Tuff Hedeman

Tuff Hedeman New Wife
Tuff Hedeman with his Wife and Kid (Source:Weekly Instagram)

Tuff Hedeman found his career objective in high school. While students mostly go to school to learn skills in medical and engineering fields, he went to explore horseback riding, steer wrestling, bull riding, and bronc riding. He was just 11 years old when Tuff won the NFR qualifiers in 1987 and 1989. Soon, he also won the title of World Champion Bull Rider in 1986, 1989, and 1991.

Who is Tuff Hedeman’s New Wife?

Lucky are those When they love someone with all of their heart, and they also love them back. Tuff Hedeman found the same. He wedded the gorgeous Tracy Stepp Hedeman in 1986, after having had a long dating relationship for years. Though not much has been extracted from his married life, the couple has been together for 33 years.

Tuff Hedeman and Tracy Stepp were high school sweethearts. From there, the woman supported her lover’s career decision. After marrying, Tuff and his wife Tracy welcomed two incredible children. The eldest son is Robert Lane Hedeman, and the youngest is Trevor Neale Hedeman.

Tuff Hedeman New Wife
Tuff Hedeman Married His High School Girlfriend Tracy Stepp (Source: Weekly Magazine)

There are rumors of Tuff Hedeman and his wife, Tracy Stepp, divorcing. Moreover, the news has also been heard that Tuff married his new wife after divorcing Tracy. But after checking all the facts and available news sources, Tuff is still married to his first and only wife, Tracy, as of 2022.

Tuff Named His Son After Lane Frost

A strong friendship cannot be broken no matter what the situation comes after. Apart from being famous as Bull Rider Hedeman is also famous for his friendship with Late Lane Frost. Their friendship started when both were in Junior High School in 1980. Initially, the two had a rivalry and were not much interested in even talking.

But soon, the two became best friends and started traveling together for Bull Riding competitions. Tuff and Frost came across many things in common that even took their families along. But last, Tuff’s friend Frost encountered a serious injury during the film 8 Seconds taking his life in 1994.

Tuff Hedeman New Wife
Tuff Hedeman with His Wife and Children (Source: Weekly Magazine)

After losing his best friend, Tuff Hedeman named his elder son Robert Lane Hedeman. During his last few minutes, Tuff was the one who informed his family about his injury and death.

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