Marley Van Peebles is a celebrity son who is famous because of his association with his father and his work in different movies and television shows. Van Peebles has a sort of history when it comes to the film industry. The whole family has been in the film business for as long as we remember. Today we will learn more about yet another member of his family.

Primarily, everyone knows his father, Mario Van Peebles. His father has made a great amount of contribution to the film industry. He is a well-known American director who has been famous for his works in films like New Jack City. Similarly, Marley also follows his father’s path of creating his space in the field of the film industry. Here in our biography, you will learn all about those details that are public to the media.

Quick Facts
NameMarley Van Peebles
Age16 years old
Date of Birth2006
Place of BirthTexas, USA
FatherMario Van Peebles
MotherChitra Sukhu Van Peebles
SiblingsMaya, Morgana, Makaylo, and Mandela Van Peebles
Hair ColorDark Brown
Eye colorDark Brown
Height5 feet and 3 inches
Net WorthUnknown
Marley Van Peebles
Marley Van Peebles with his father and brother Via Getty

What is Marley Van Peebles Age?

As of 2022, he is around the age of 16 years old. Marley Van Peebles was born in 2006 in the United States of America. Since he was born on American soil, his nationality is American, and his ethnicity is mixed. As you guys know, he is the son of Mario Van and Chitra Sukhu Van Peebles. Moreover, he has a total of 4 siblings named Maya Van Peebles, Morgana, Makaylo, and Mandela Van Peebles.

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Where did Marley receive his education?

Since he is just around the age of 16 years old, he is probably studying in his primary school. From what we know, he’ll finish his primary education at his local school in Los Angeles. After completing his primary and secondary education, Marley dreams about studying acting at an art school so that he can be as successful as his father and siblings one day.

When did Marley Van Peebles work in USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage?

At just 10 years old, He played the role of a Sailor in the popular USS Indianapolis movie. Though his acting was quite good in that movie, he decided to study before working as a full-time actor. It is one of the reasons why he is not seen doing any projects lately. Besides that, he doesn’t need to be doing movies to be popular. For those who don’t know, he is the nephew of the famous singer Bruno Mars.

Marley Van Peebles
Marley Van Peebles with his father Via Getty

Does Marley Van Peebles Have a Wife?

From what we know, it seems that he is single. At 16 years old, he is pretty young to be in a relationship. Due to this, it seems that he is not focusing his energy on relationships but on creating a promising career for himself. Currently, he is not interested in making someone his wife. Once we have the details, We will keep on updating you about his particular section in the future.

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Does Marley have any social media accounts?

We are certainly not sure about his current social media account status. While researching more about his Instagram account, we stumbled across an account under his name. However, in that account, all we saw were paintings posted under his name. So, we are a bit unsure if he is the one posting or if it’s someone else. You can find his Instagram under Marley Van Peebles for those who are also concerned. Besides, he can be seen on social sites by his father, Mario Van Peebles.

Marley Van Peebles
Marley Van Peebles Via Kate Santegio Photography

What is Marley Van Peebles Net Worth?

At the age of just 16 years old, we think that his parents take every expense of his life. However, he made a pretty good amount of money by working in some of the popular features of the decade. We think that the sum of his money still went to his mom and dad. So, at the moment, it is tough to calculate any details about his net worth.

What is the height of Marley Van Peebles?

Even though we only saw him in pictures, you can see that his height was pretty small compared to his father. If we have to put it in numbers, then it seems that his height is around 5 feet and 3 inches, along with his body weight being around 57kgs at the moment.

Other than that, it seems that his hair color is dark brown followed by the same color of eyes. As of now, he is doing completely fine and is not suffering from any major health complications. Unfortunately, we could not find his zodiac sign due to a lack of birth details.

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