husbaToday we will be talking about one of the most talented actresses in Hollywood, Laura Kightlinger! Laura Kightlinger is a popular American actress, model, comedian, writer, and producer. She is known for her work in different movies and television series. However, she is most famous for producing popular television series named Will & Grace.

However, her audience was not attracted to her due to her deformed face. Hence, she did comedic roles for almost her film acting timeline before changing how she looked through plastic surgery. Due to her decision, she did receive a lot of hate, but her fans still wonder what the parts she took surgery for are? Today, we will learn about that and all other things about her life through her biography!

Quick Facts
Full NameLaura Kightlinger
Date of Birth13th June 1969
BirthplaceJamestown, New York, USA
RelationshipEx-Partner Jack Black
Net worth$1.1 Million to $2 Million
Height5 feet and 5 inches
Zodiac SignGemini
Hair ColorBlack
Eye colorBlack
Laura Kightlinger
laura Kightlinger with her new perfect face Via Getty

What is Laura Kightlinger age?

As of 2022, her age is around 52 years. Laura was born on 13th June 1969 in Jamestown, New York, USA. She was born in a popular city in the united states and held an American nationality card. Her ethnicity is caucasian, and she received it from her catholic parents. However, the details about her family are not mentioned anywhere on the internet. We are pretty sure that she belonged to a rich family.

Why did Laura Kightlinger undergo plastic surgery?

She had a pretty deformed jawline since her birth. Due to her jawline, people didn’t consider her that beautiful. As she grew old, she felt the need to change her looks. It was not until her work in the entertainment industry that she decided that she wanted to undergo plastic surgery.

However, her first plastic surgery came back as a nightmare as it made her fake look more deformed than before. So, she decided to do it again, but this time she even did it for her skull and received a good output due to her patience and the surgeon’s hard work.

Where did Laura receive her education?

Her academic background is pretty decent because she belongs to rich family background. Though we don’t have any information about her primary schools, it turns out that she has done her secondary education from nonother than Southwestern Central High School.

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After studying her high school, she decided that she wanted to pursue her career in the acting industry. Hence, she attended Emerson College to study her degree in Contemporary Theatre on Film and television Dictionary. Her study allowed her to have a better experience before going on-screen acting.

Is Laura in Curb your Enthusiasm?

She already had a vision before coming to work in the film industry. Laura is also an amazing voice actor, which has allowed her to receive roles from different animating studios. Her notable works are Kung Fu Panda and Curb Your Enthusiasm. As for Curb Your Enthusiasm, she played her role as Jodi and was featured in one episode named The Five-Foot Fence.

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Laura continues to do different actions and produce gigs. She explains that acting gives us experience and allows her to be more passionate about her work. She is also a very good comedian host. With a rather controversial run in the film industry, the legendary actress now seems to be working as a consulting producer.

Laura Kightlinger
Laura Kightlinger after and before her plastic Surgery Via Celebsdiaries

Did Jack Black date Laura Kightlinger?

Jack Black and Laura Kightlinger dated for over 10 years before separating. We certainly don’t know why they both were separated, but both seem ot be happy living their lives. As for Jack, Black already has a spouse and is married to his wife named, Tanya Haden.

Meanwhile, Laura Kightlinger seems to be enjoying her life as a single businesswoman and actress. So, she doesn’t have a husband yet. It may come to you as a shock, but she has not dated anyone before Jack Black and never dated anyone after him. We hope she finds someone who she can spend her whole life with.

Does Laura have any social media accounts?

Though she was born back in the 90s, she likes to have a connection with her fans. However, it seems that she only does that in some context. Laura Kightlinger likes to use Twitter as her primary source of social media. Her username is @KingKingtlinger, and she has a couple of followers under her username.

She loves posting about her upcoming projects and sharing her day-to-day life on her Twitter account. If you are someone who wants to get in touch with Laura Kightlinger, we suggest you open her website with the name

Laura Kightlinger
Laura Kightlinger and Jack Black Via liverampup

What is the net worth of Laura Kightlinger?

As you might have seen in the beginning, she is multitalented in her field of work. From acting to producing to voice acting, she has done it all. So, assuming that so talented’s net worth is less might be a mistake. She is one of that actresses who never run out of projects. So, how much is her net worth anyway? It turns out that Laura Kightlinger’s net worth is around $1.1 Million to $2 Million. She earns $32,00 per month as her salary.

What is the height of Laura Kightlinger?

Her real height is around 5 feet and 5 inches, and she trusts us when we say this because her plastic surgery doesn’t change her height. As of 2022, her body weight is around 58-60kgs. The numbers for her weight might reduce or increase in the coming days. She portrays a typical caucasian facial structure with Black eyes and hair color. Moreover, her zodiac sign is Gemini.

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