Ever wondered what Gab Smolders Age is? Today, we will talk all about the age of Dutch gamer girl Gab Smolders. She began her career by playing different games and streaming them on different streaming services like YouTube, Twitch, and other platforms.

The gamer has earned herself many dedicated viewers who watch her content daily. This is becoming she is not just a normal streamer; she includes different types of funny and generous skits in her streams to keep her audience entertained.

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Gab Smolders Age
Gab Smolders first video in her new house Via Instagram

Let’s learn a little about her past and present! Being born in the Netherlands, she was raised by middle-class parents. Though she was born in the Netherlands, she claims her nationality to be Dutch, and her ethnicity is caucasian. Streaming was not only the reason she became popular for. Gab is the romantic interest of nonother than popular YouTube gamer Jacksepticeye. They have been in a realtionship for a long time now.

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What is Gab Smolders Age?

To get to know about her age, we should know about her date of birth. According to Gab Smolders, she was born on September 11th, 1988. She has not mentioned anything about her hometown. Due to some reasons, she wants to be called a Dutch streamer and claims her nationality of the more German. Now let us talk about her age, she seems to be born in 1988. If we are to subtract that date from today’s year 2022, we will get 34 which is her age.

Gab Smolders Age
Gab Smolders with a cowboy hat Via Instagram – Copy

So, if we reiterate all the details now, we will get: Her current age is 34 years, and she was born on September 11th, 1998, in the Netherlands, and her nationality is Dutch. This is her exact birthdate, and she celebrates each year on the same day. However, if you follow her Instagram, Twitter, or any other platform, you will notice that she has a rather different way of celebrating her birthday. We will talk about the detail here in our next paragraph.

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Birthday celebration of Smolders

After we learned about Gab Smolders Age, let us learn how she celebrates her birthdate. However, you will think that she celebrates her birthday just like any other female individual, but you are wrong. First, we should remember that she is a very popular twitch streamer. Unlike individuals, she is often seen streaming in front of her camera for over 4 to 7 hours a day. So what is her birthday celebration is like then?

Gab Smolders Age
Gab Smolders with her Boyfriend Via Instagram

Well, she starts her day with her fans and followers wishing her birthday. Then she goes to her family and her loved ones to have some family time. After sometimes, she comes back home, freshens up, and then sits on the chair to open her stream. At around 2 to 3 pm, she opens her stream to talk with her fans and to receive warm wishes. Her fans make her day special, and afterward, she ends her stream with her joy. She celebrated her birthday with her loved ones and exchanged love and presents the other day.

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