Today, we can talk more about a popular Canadian lawyer and celebrity. He became a celebrity not through his works but rather by providing legal services to popular films and superstars. Recently he came into the limelight because he was involved in a relationship with a popular superstar named Sarah Chalke. Jamie Afifi is a popular Canadian lawyer married to Canadian superstar Sarah Chalke.

Rather than Sarah, his discography on the Internet is pretty rare. Due to this, people find it hard to learn more about popular lawyers and celebrity husbands. However, today we have gathered different sources around the Internet to learn more about him. We’ll be answering different questions related to his education, net worth, marriage date, and all others through his coverage. So let us Scroll down as we look at his life through his biography.

Quick Facts
Full NameJamie Afifi
Date of Birth1973
Net worth$3 million
Height5 feet and 10 inches
Zodiac SignUnknown
ChildrenCharlie and Frances Afifi.
Hair ColorLight Brown
Eye colorDark Brown
Father's nameUnknwon
Mother's NameUnknwon

Jamie Afifi
Jamie Afifi with his wife Via Getty

What is Jamie Afifi age? 

As of 2022, it seems that he is around the age of 49 years old. We certainly don’t have enough information about his birthday, but it seems like he was born around the year 1973. Other than that, we certainly know that his nationality is Canadian, and his ethnicity is Caucasian. Additionally, he follows the Christianity religion and is purely Christian from his heart. We certainly don’t have enough information regarding his parents and siblings. 

Where is Jamie Afifi Lawer degree based on? 

And the popular superstar was associated with the Canadian lawyer. Many people started to question his law degree and wanted to know where he got it. As far as his primary education is concerned, he finished his primary and secondary education at his local schools and colleges.

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However, the popular Canadian lawyer has never revealed his bachelor’s education details. Hence, we cannot tell where he got his LLB degree form. As far as we are concerned, he finished his bachelor’s degree from a reputed College in Canada. 

How was Jamie Afifi Scrubs role? 

Scrubs was a popular American comedy-drama series released back in 2001. The popular comedy-drama series featured actors like Zach Braff, Judy Reese, Donald Faison and Sarah Chalke. Since bear word, different rumors around Sarah that she was dating somebody.

Fans thought that Sarah was dating Jamie, working in that particular television series. However, we hate to break it up to you, but it seems that he was not working on that particular television series. The couple started dating back in 2003, when the television series had already surpassed two years of its casting.

Jamie Afifi
Jamie Afifi with his wife in an event Via IMDb

Who is Jamie Afifi current partner? 

Even as of 2022, his love interest is still Sarah Chalke. It is because the couple has been married for over 16 years now. Their first darted, dating back in 2003, kept their romantic life secret from everybody else. However, when both were confident enough to say that they were in love.

The couple finally decided to get married back in December of 2006. As far as the different web sources portray, it seems that Jamie first proposed to his girlfriend, Sarah. After their marriage, the couples are blessed with two children. First is their son Charlie and second is their daughter Frances Afifi. 

What are Jamie’s social media accounts? 

While searching through the Internet, we realized that he doesn’t have any social media accounts. His wife Sarah is also using social media since 2020. If you want to learn more about him and his family, you can follow his wife instead.

Through his wife’s Instagram page, you can see different pictures of him and his children. Since he doesn’t have any social media accounts, it is hard to learn more about him and his current state. Hence, we suggest you follow his wife instead to learn more about him.

Jamie Afifi
Jamie Afifi with his friends and partner Via Getty

What is Jamie Afifi net worth? 

The popular attorney of the Superstars makes a decent amount of income working around the film industry. He provides legal services to superstars and other film creators and films in general. His work usually involves protecting copyright assets and other things of a particular movie and television series.

Since he has a huge part in any movies or television series that he works for. He is an inseparable part of the film industry. Since he has only one income source, it seems that he still makes around $3 million out of it. 

What is Jamie Afifi’s height? 

We certainly don’t have an exact number because he has never revealed anything about his height. However, through different pictures taken with his wife Sarah, we realize that he is taller than her. Since Sarah is around the height of five feet and seven inches.

It seems that he is around the height of five feet 10 inches. Other than that, his body weight is around 75 kilograms. Here is a typical Caucasian vicious structure with light brown hair and dark brown eyes. And finally, we don’t have enough information regarding his Zodiac sign due to a lack of details regarding his birth date.

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