If you have been reviewing our website regularly, you know that we love to cover Broadway actors. We have already covered a lot of Broadway actors on our website, which you can go and click to learn. Today we have the opportunity to talk about Caissie Levy. Caissie Levy became popular due to her works in popular Broadway musicals like Let it Go, Dangerous to Dream and With You.

However, since her work is only limited to Broadway musicals, her discography on the Internet is not that great. People find it hard to learn about the things like her net worth and others through her biography on Wikipedia. Hence, we have spent our time learning everything related to her. Today we will try to answer All of the questions regarding her lifestyle. So let us Scroll down as we take a look at our life through her biography.

Quick Facts
Full Name Caissie Levy
Date of Birth 15th of April 1981
Birthplace Canada
Nationality Canadian
Ethnicity Caucasian
Relationship Married to David
Net worth $2 million
Height 5 feet and 5 inches
Weight 51Kg
Zodiac Sign Aries
Siblings None
Children 2
Hair Color Blonde
Eye color Hazel
Father’s name Mark Levy
Mother’s Name Lisa Levy
Caissie Levy
Caissie Levy in her beginning days Via Getty

What is Caissie Levy age? 

As of 2022, she is around the age of 41 years old. In Hamilton, Canada, Caissie Levy Was born on the 15th of April 1981. Since she was born in Canada, her nationality is Canadian, and her ethnicity is Caucasian. Growing up, she had an amazing childhood, offered by her father, Mark and her mother, Lisa.

There is no information regarding her siblings other than her parents, so we must assume that she didn’t have one. As of this writing, her parents have already passed away, but the date has not been specified yet. 

Where did Caissie study before joining broadway? 

As far as her primary education is concerned, she studied her primary education at her local schools in Canada. She went to West Dallas Secondary School to learn more about her higher studies. (https://chiringa.com) Since she always had a passion for acting from a young age.

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She later on, attended the American Musical and Dramatic School in America to participate more in acting. Even though she wanted to be an actress from the start, she seems to have taken the path of a Broadway actress instead. She took this path, minding that her excellence was in live acting rather than on camera. 

Did the singer of What remains Caissie Levy also sing Let it go? 

Let it go was a popular Disney movie based on Broadway acting, which was performed herself. With the help of Patti Murin. She dressed as the popular frozen character Elsa, using different Hairspray and other makeup tools. After dressing up as the popular character Elsa, she performed her Broadway acting in a popular theater in New York. She also sang monster from the Frozen musical.

After her performance, the audience gave a standing ovation to the popular actress due to her hard work in that particular acting showcase. You can check out her YouTube videos to learn more about her acting as Elsa through the letter to go Broadway show. Caissie Levy Defying Gravity song is also famous beside her song What Remains. She was also on the tv series Gotham.

Caissie Levy
Caissie Levy as Elsa In Frozen Broadway Via Variety

Is Caissie Levy married? 

She was married before she attended the defying gravity show in 2020. As far as her marriage date is concerned, she was married to her husband, David Reiser, in 2011. Unlike other celebrities, we don’t have enough information about their love life.

However, in 2022, they both share two children. She often brings her children to different Broadway theaters while she is acting. Caissie has shared multiple times that she loves to pass on her skills to her children. 

Was there information about Caissie Levy Rent Tour on social media? 

Through the media sources, we learned that she participated in a non-equity tour named Rent Back in 2019. It’s far as we are concerned. Rent is a television company that features Broadway actors and actresses. It seems to be working in that particular industry since 2002.

Even though she still works in that particular company, she does reveal some details about that company on her Instagram. If you want to follow her social media accounts, it seems that she is active on both Twitter and Instagram under her username Caissie Levy.

Caissie Levy
Caissie Levy with her son as Elsa Via Instagram

What is Caissie Levy net worth? 

Since he is popular due to her Broadway shows, people often search about her through her Broadway shows. She is one of the most hardworking actresses in the entertainment industry and makes a decent amount of income.

If we have to aggregate all of our income sources, it seems that she makes around $2 million as her net worth as of 2022. Her income is calculated, minding her acting gigs and other financial gains. Besides her Broadway shows, she also participates in different interviews and advertising campaigns. 

What is Caissie height? 

Even though she appears a little bit taller in front of the people, her actual height is around 5 feet and five inches, along with her bodyweight being around 51 kilograms. She resembles a typical Caucasian facial structure with blonde hair and Hazel’s eyes. As of 2022, she is completely healthy and is not suffering from major health complications. Finally, we learned that her Zodiac sign is Aries through her birth details. 

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