Gab Smolders, aka Evelien Smolders, is one of the gaming entertainers, YouTubers, Twitch Streamers, and Social Media influencers. Her influence in the online esports and streaming platforms always brings excitement to her viewers and fans. Like her trendy Gaming content and Social Media activities, Gab Smolders Height is also a need-to-know type of thing her fans often search for these days on the internet.

Born on the 11th of September 1988 in Netherland to a dutch family, Gab grew up alongside her two older sisters and older brother. Later, she also stood out as a qualified and educated lady, completing her high school education. However, Gab Smolders life started taking directions when she discovered her passion for gaming and traveling at her teenage.

Check Out the Life Updates of Gab Smolders

Gab Smolders Height
Twitch Gamer Gab Smolders

Gab Smolders shifted to Loss Angeles and began streaming on her self-owned YouTube channel. Slowly, it further extended to Twitch and other known social platforms too.

As a result, within a short period of time, Gab has earned a mass fan’s followings who loved and supported her throughout her gaming journey. She currently has a romantic life with her boyfriend Sean William Mcloughlin, also known as Jacksepticeye. Let’s know about her physical appearance in a detailed way.

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How Tall is Gab Smolders?

Blessed with an extremely attractive body figure and dimpled-face cheeks, Gab Smolders Height in feet is around 5 feet 11 inches or 1.8m. She is currently in her 30s and mostly seems active on her social media, where she presents her exciting daily life happenings in a fun way.

Gab Smolders Height
Gab Smolders Height

Moreover, Gab’s body personality has been seen through the pictures she posted online. To mention it more precisely, she has a slim-fit body type with an average weight of around 53 kilograms. However, smolders is shy about publicly talking about her body features and sizes. As a result, her exact body measurements are still under review state. 

But as found in the different online platforms, Gab Smolders has measurements of 30-28-30 inches. This includes the sizes of her chest, waist, and hips. In addition, Gab Smolders has nowadays focused on fitness and gyms, as found on her recent IG post showing her abs.

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Smolders Is Obsessed With Tattoos!

Gab Smolders popularity has not been hidden from the eyes of her fans, so as her Tattoos. The brownish-haired with dark brown colored eyes, Gab also has tattoos on her hands which fans love to talk about. Moreover, that gamer lady also once mentioned her wish to add more tattoos in the coming days.

Gab Smolders Height
Gab Smolders Has Tattoos on her Hands

Smolders used to post pictures showing off her tattoos and artistry as it shows her strength and confidence. As one of the most followed Gamer in the wide range of social sites, Gab always appears in the spotlight for her appearance and exciting content. She tattooed her cat on her armpit as a token of love and affection towards her.

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