Debra Antney

Debra Antney is an entrepreneur, entertainment manager, and the president and CEO of Mizay Entertainment. She has promoted and begun the careers of famous personalities such as French Montana, Nicki Minaj, and Gucci Mane. She is also the mother of the renowned rapper Waka Flocka Flame. As of 2024, she holds a net worth of […]

Sibley Scoles

Sibley Scoles is a hip-hop musician and a well-known celebrity journalist who has appeared on several popular shows. In addition, she is among the most prominent television anchors with extensive expertise and credibility in the profession. Essentially, she is well-known for her work as a news reporter. But, aside from that, she has a distinct […]

Shon Gables

Shon Gables is an American Emmy nominated, prominent afternoon reporter, and award-winning journalist. She has a lot of experience as a news anchor. Moreover, having almost two decades of experience in her work, Shon is also an actor and a film star who has acted in several well-known films. Gables is currently working as an evening news anchor […]

Angie Cuturic

Angie Cuturic is an actress from the United States who is best remembered because of her appearances in the humor movie Haggard and the humor flick Minghags. Moreover, her romantic relationship with Ryan Matthew Dunn, the actor of a reality daredevil program, Jackass, catapulted her to prominence. On the other hand, Ryan Dunn was a TV star, acrobatic […]

Lyzel Williams

Lyzel Williams is a graphic designer and creator who now operates at Intermedia, Inc. Moreover, he also performed as DJ Williams. On the other hand, he drew press and social attention after his marriage to Jill Scott. His work as a graphic designer is quite successful, having worked on different companies and various projects. Unfortunately, […]

Cleavon Little

Cleavon Little was an actor from the US who was famous for portraying a black sheriff in the Academy Award-nominated comedy film Blazing Saddles. He was a skilled artist who primarily acted in movies and TV series in the 1970s and 80s. Became the first black actor to win a Tony Award for his varied yet captivating theatrical performances. He […]

Erik Kuselias

Erik Kuselias is an Award-winning American tv and radio star and announcer who now works for CBS Sports. He previously hosted NBC Sports Network’s Pro Football Talk and Sports Talk 1040 Orlando. Erik is recognized for his sharp wit, pop-culture wit, and high enthusiastic speaking manner. Having a high IQ (135 IQ score) and being a member […]

Jacques Colimon

Jacques Colimon is a Haitian-American artist, filmmaker, writer, poet, and human rights activist from the United States. He’s renowned for his recent appearance in Netflix’s “The Society” series. In addition, he is a very disciplined actor with much successful work in his name. He has discovered his passion for acting at a young age and […]

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