Angie Cuturic is an actress from the United States who is best remembered because of her appearances in the humor movie Haggard and the humor flick Minghags. Moreover, her romantic relationship with Ryan Matthew Dunn, the actor of a reality daredevil program, Jackass, catapulted her to prominence. On the other hand, Ryan Dunn was a TV star, acrobatic expert, and stand-up entertainer.

Unfortunately, the relationship ended after the death of Ryan on June 20th, 2011. However, Angie has received a lot of publicity due to her effort in the entertainment industry. To discover further about Cuturic’s story and professional success, read this piece.

quick info
birth date1970s
birth placeAmerica
BoyfriendRyan Matthew Dunn
Net worth$2.1 million
height5 feet 6 inches
hair colordark brown
eye colorhazel

Early Life

Angela Maria Cuturic was born in the US sometime in the 1970s to American parents. She seems to be a very private person who her parents reared. As a result, there is no information on her early life, caretakers, or upbringing. On the other hand, Angie is sure to be of American descent and be of mixed ancestry. Plus, she follows Christianity as her religion.


The indie comedy film Haggard: The Movie first launched in 2003 and is based upon on tale of reality Television celebrity Ryan Dunn’s fiancée may be cheating on him. Bam Margera funded, filmed, and produced the picture. Cuturic participated in Viva La Bam as well.

In 2003, the pair appeared in “Haggard: The Movi.” Cuturic also had a role as Libby in Bam Margera’s film Minghags, which happened in 2009. Die-hard “Jackass” fans offer their condolences to Ryan Dunn’s long-term girlfriend, Angie Cuturic, following his death.

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Personal Life

Ryan Matthew Dunn, a former Jackass cast, was the boyfriend of Angie. During their relationship, the pair had a tremendous deal of affection for one another. The love birds had been dating since 2002. Likewise, there were whispers that they could take the game to the next level shortly by marrying. Dunn got an ‘Angie’ tattoo across his inner hand and a tattoo of the wedding band on his ring finger.

The duo was open about their relationship, but sadly after the heartfelt death of Ryan in 2011, broke the dream of the couple. The duo did not share any child of their own.

Cuturic was in Bam Margera’s thoughts as he and his mom, April, were enduring the grief of a departed beloved person. Unfortunately, Cuturic chooses to stay out of the public after the June 20th tragedy.

Cuturic is currently living a strict lifestyle after her partner died in a tragic car crash. The funeral was at Highland Drive Cemetery, Brecksville, Ohio. Moreover, we cannot confirm that she is in a relationship with anyone as she has not been seen in public.


In 2006, Dunn had a shoulder injury during filming the leaving sequences for Jackass Number Two. He was in one of his final scenes, in which he and his colleague Bam Margera are dragged away from a charging stallion via a string attached to their legs.

Unfortunately, Dunn collided head-on with his shoulder, causing muscular damage. While seeking medical treatment, he became depressed and lost contact with the outside world. Later, he joined Jackass 3D and was happy to see the whole cast.

Social Media

In terms of her online presence, she isn’t visible on most of the sites. Angie does not have an Instagram or Twitter account, nor does she have a Facebook profile. After her boyfriend’s demise, she has not appeared in front of the press or the field.

Net Worth

Angie Cuturic rose to prominence only as a result of her love relationship with Ryan. On the other hand, she may have amassed substantial net income due to her skilled performing abilities. Her actual overall fortunes, however, remain a mystery. However, she has a net worth of $2.1 million.

Meanwhile, her former companion Ryan Dunn reportedly had a net wealth of $6 million. His primary source of revenue came from his profession and appearances on tv shows, films, and series. He was a very successful tv personality in his entire life during the period of his influential job.

In the same way, he was also the proprietor of a lavish home worth $92,000 in Pennsylvania. Ryan, the late, outstanding actor, loved fast-moving Lаmbоrghini hurасаn and Porsche 911.

Physical Appearance

Angie Cuturic stands at the height of 5 feet 6 inches. The actress has maintained her body by having a workout routine and following good diet routines. Moreover, she has dark brown hair, and the color of her eyes is hazel. However, the actress kept secret other bodily facts, and we will update as soon as possible.

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