What does a person expect in their lives? Like, they all need a better career and a supportive family and a lovely husband/wife who always stands with them in every success and failure. Aron Baynes also had a similar expectation in his wife, Rachel Adekponya. Rachel, Aron Baynes Wife, is his partner in bad times and his mentor.

Although people recognize Mr. Baynes as an Australian athlete, he is also one of the most successful basketball players. From starting his career from his college days in 2006 to recently signing a contract with Toronto Raptors on the 25th of November 2020, the man has achieved so much in his professional life. In addition, he also played for the 2020 summer Olympics in Tokyo from the side of the National Basketball Team.

Aron Baynes Wife
Aron Baynes Wife, Rachel Adekponya

Meanwhile, Rachel Adekponya has commonly gained fame for her sisterly ties with Australian Basketball Player Matthew Adekponya. However, she was also Washington State Standout, who later became popular marrying Baynes. From their early meeting to being tied in a healthy marriage bond and their kids, the whole story is explained further on this page below. Read it out till the end and make your day.

Who is Aron Baynes Wife?

The rough and tough Toronto Raptors player, Aron Baynes, married his girlfriend turned wife, Rachel Adekponya, during the 2000s. Just a typical love story, the two also developed romantic chemistry as high school darling during high school days. But they have to split for some while due to Aron’s basketball career. Meanwhile, Rachel also focused on her profession and achieved becoming a Washington State Standout.

Furthermore, the two finally came closer again, but they decided to tie in a permanent relationship which eventually led them to marriage. However, marrying an Australian man from a White race for a black woman has not been easy. Although they look cute together, people often criticize Rachel for being black.

Aron Baynes Wife
Aron Baynes Going on Holiday with Wife and Kids in 2019

But as said, “nothing affects your life if you are truly committed to one another” Aron and Adekponya proved the world as perfect soulmates truly made for each other. The couple has completed more than two decades without any complications or disputes. Moreover, the couple has a pure understanding and respect, making their relationship more adorable.

How many Kids do Aron and Rachel Have?

The difference in color, appearance, and body does not make pure love. Aron Baynes and his wife, Rachel Adekponya, were the perfect examples of this. Both stand along with one another during their bad times and celebrates one another’s joy too. As a result, the two beautiful pairs are also beautiful and proud parents of three lovely children.

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Aron Baynes Wife, Rachel, gave birth to their first son, Mayson Baynes, on the 8th of May 2016. Then two years later, she again announced her pregnancy in the media and eventually welcomed a second child on the 16th of July 2018. Similarly, the athlete announced his third child from his Instagram born on the 4th of December 2020.

Aron Baynes Wife
Aron Baynes’s third child was born in December 2020 ( Image source: Aron Baynes Instagram)

Although Baynes has not spent all of his time with family due to his career, Rachel took the whole responsibility as a responsible mother. However, Aron used to visit his wife and kids during his off-days and spend the whole time making beautiful memories together. Aron resides in Newton, Massachusetts, with his spouse and kids. The family of five has a luxurious-comfortable life.

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