Amir Arison is an American actor and media celeb. He is known for his acting on a police crime drama television series. With his expressive looks and bold personality, he can attract a good audience. Though he has shared little info about himself, people are always eager to know more about the uprising actor. Moreover, his direction for different movies and television series is well known.

Though he is only popular for some of his features, he works every day to stand out from the others. Due to his bold persona and adult looks, his fans have different questions about him. Questions like: Is he married? How much does he make? Where did he go to his high school? And others. Certainly, we cannot answer all the questions, but we will try to cover most ot them through his biography!

Quick Facts
Full NameAmir Arison
Date of Birth24th of March 1978
BirthplaceSt; Louis, Missouri, USA
RelationshipOrnella Suad
Net worth$3 Million
Height6 feet
Weight75 kg
Zodiac SignAries
Hair ColorBlack
Eye colorDark Brown
Amir Arison
Amir Arison in his blacklist cast outfit Via Instagram

What is the age of Amir Arison?

As of 2022, he is around the age of 43 years. He was born on the 24th of March 1978 in St; Louis, Missouri, USA. Since he was born in America, his nationality is American. He is the son of Israeli parents. His father’s name is Ron, and his mother’s name is Zipora Arison. Hence, he is of Israeli Ethnicity. Moreover, he also has an older sibling with named Maya Arison.

What did Amir study before working in The mentalist?

Amir Arison gained limelight for acting in different movies and television shows. However, he is most famous for his role in The mentalist among his many acts. The Mentalist released in 2012, and Amir acted as Ryan Kamir in the television series.

In addition, he acted in the episode of If It Bleeds. He was around 34 when he finished The Mentalist in 2012. So, he had completed his Bachelor’s education from Columbia Univeristy before working in The Mentalist.

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What was Amir’s first movie?

His first movie cast was in the visitor. In 2007, He was part of the movie. Amir acted as Mr. Shah in the movie. Though this was his first big-screen feature, it was not his first debut in the acting industry. He acted in the Television series called The Jury, launched in 2004.

The Jury was his first stepping stone in his acting career, and he has not stopped since then. If we want to look a bit for his first work was from a Butterfinger Commercial. However, his most recent work is in The Blacklist, and he works as Aram Mojtabai in the television series.

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Is Amir Arison married?

As of 2022, he is not married to anyone. He seems to be an actor who focuses on his career. Amir has not shared any details about his marriage. He is in a realtionship with Ornella Suad. Both are seen hanging around each other, and Ornella seems to love Amir’s company.

As of now, none of them have decided when to get married. Since Amir is more indulged in movies and television series, we need to wait. So, we can wait for some time before the couples reveal something about their growth in the realtionship.

Amir Arison
Amir Arison with his co-star Via Instagram

Did Amir Arison reveal anything about his girlfriend on his Instagram?

His Instagram username is @amirarison, and recently, he seems to only post about his projects and upcoming features. We probably don’t know if he had revealed anything about his girlfriend, but we do that his girlfriend Ornella often posts about Amir.

Amir is a busy actor and gets very little time for his private life, and he seems to know its value. He seems to enjoy her company more than he needs to post any details about her on his Instagram.

What is the net worth of Amir Arison?

Amir Arison is a popular recurring cast of different television shows and channels. Shows like The Blacklist, Billions, and others have featured him numerous times. Amir is also the favorite of television and web channels like HBO and Peacock telefilms.

With such huge background support, How much does he wroth anyway? Well, it turns out that he earns around $600,000 every year as his salary, and his net worth is around $3 Million. He seems to be more business-minded as of 2022 and is not interested in investing in assets other than relying on work. So, we might see an uprise anytime soon.

Amir Arison
Amir Arison with his director Via Instagram

What is the height of Amir Arison?

Amir’s Israeli Ethnicity helps him get a fairly good height because Israel country is known for its tall and handsome male actors. Well, we can say the same to Amir Arison. Amir Arison’s real height is exactly around 6 feet, and his weight is around 75 kg. He has a perfect Athletic body build, and he has dark brown eyes with black hair. Moreover, his zodiac sign is Aries.

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