Let us talk about Bailei Knight Age! Popular celebrity Kid. Bailei Knight is already a huge internet phenomenon. Being born into a celebrity house has allowed her to be a step ahead of any competition in the entertainment industry. Her father is a successful record label manager, and her mother is a professional singer and songwriter.

Bailei herself is also learning little about her family business. She is doing so to make sure that she also follows the path shown by her parents. As of 2022, she has not done any huge projects but let us hope that she will soon announce something huge from her side.

Bailei Knight Age
Bailei Knight with her mother on the red carpet Via Dailyadvent

Bailei Knight is the daughter of record label manager Surge and singer-songwriter, Michele. She was born in America alongside her African American family. Unfortunately, her parents haven’t released Information regarding her birth to the public. As a result, you rarely see her in public, and she doesn’t even have any social media. But, people are wondering about her age and how old she is now. Well, here today, we will answer all of those questions.

What is Bailei Knight age in 2020?

Bailei was born in Los Angeles, California, the United States, alongside her parents on Nov 28, 2002. If we calculate her age from her birthdate, she is around 20 as of 2022. She is currently living with her parents, specifically with her mother. Her father is often seen away from her family even though they are together. Bailei Knight is usually spotted at her school or shopping with her mother. Otherwise, it is very hard to spot a 20-year-old celebrity child.

Bailei Knight Age
Bailei Knight with her father Via Celebsburb

Though she doesn’t have an Instagram account, you can always follow her mother. As the media portrays, she is very happy living aside from her mother and father. She follows the daily lifestyle of any and goes to school every day. While in the interview, her mother said that Bailei Knight likes drawings and other creative activities. So, it’s only a matter of time before we see a young artist on the rise.

Bailei birthday celebrations

She celebrates her birthday the same as any normal person but a little fancier. She celebrates her birthday every year on Nov 28 by inviting her friends and relatives to her own house or a restaurant. Usually, it is a restaurant they choose for her birthday, but during the COVID, she was seen celebrating birthdays in her own house alongside her friends and family.

Usually, Bailei is seen with her father during her birthday. So, we think they also celebrate with other celebrities like Dr Dre and Charlie Puth. Nevertheless, Bailei Knight enjoys her day with her heart out.

Bailei Knight Age
Bailei Knight with her mother Via Celebwiki

After the party everyone shared the present, they got her. Further, everyone eats a happy meal and then leaves for their home. From home, she waves them goodbye as she welcomes her new adventures with open arms. By its look, you might as well have guessed that she celebrates a typical birthday just like any other around her age. Though she is just growing, we hope she becomes as successful as her parents.

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