Alex Niedbalski Sykes is an infamous figure, a French-American Homemaker, and businesswoman. She works as a senior vice president of sales at Polycor. SThe businesswoman became popular after the disclosure of her relationship with Wanda Sykes. After dating for two years, the lesbian couple tied the knot in 2008. Even after a decade, the couple is still going strong.

Alex attends award ceremonies and various TV shows with Wanda’s partner. But, despite getting more popular, Alex has kept her life private well. Now, let’s get deeper into her biography, starting with the quick facts:

Quick Facts
NameAlex Sykes
Birth DateFebruary 19, 1974
Birth PlaceFrance
Sexual OrientationLesbian
GirlfriendWanda Sykes
DaughterOlivia Lou Sykes, Lucas Claude Sykes

When and Where Was Alex Niedbalski born?

Alex Niedbalski Sykes was born in France on February 19, 1974. She is 47 years old right now. She grew up in France, graduated high school, and went for a master’s degree in business and marketing to the ISEG, Paris Business School in France before moving to the United States.

Who are Alex Niedbalski’s parents?

Despite her popularity, Alex has kept a low profile regarding her parents and their relationship. However, Alex recalls her father being so unhappy with her being lesbian that he went years without speaking to her. She also explained her memory of how her father’s actions had hurt her until he eventually apologized and accepted his daughter’s path.

How is Alex Neidbalski Marriage Life with Wanda Sykes?

Wanda Sykes was married to Dave Hall, a music producer from 1991 to 1998. Her sexual orientation must have caused her divorce, we can suppose. In 2006, Wanda met Alex Niedbalski. Later, one of the friends of Wanda introduced her to Alex. Since then they have been together. In 2008, Alex married Wanda Sykes in Las Vegas in front of a small group of people. Since then, the two have been together and are completely in love.

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Do They have kids?

Alex gave birth to twins in 2009. Olivia Lou Sykes is their daughter’s name, and Lucas Claude Sykes is their son’s name. The twins are in good health and are light-skinned and prefer to communicate in French.

Wanda Sykes has talked about her children and lovely wife, Alex Sykes, numerous talk shows. The pair also enjoys visiting Alex’s hometown in France with their children. Alex is fond of spending time with Wanda and her kids. She has several images of the kids on her Instagram account, including snowboarding down a hill.

Is Alex Niedbalski supporter Of Same-sex Marriage?

The lesbian couple has been together for over a decade and has participated in LGBT rights demonstrations and protests. On November 15, 2008, Wanda Sykes came out as gay at a pro-gay rally in Las Vegas. Since then, the couple has been open about their relationship.

Alex and Wanda Sykes have also supported the gay community by participating in different fundraisers and pushing same-sex marriage. Proposition 8, a California initiative aimed at reducing the number of same-sex marriages, was vehemently opposed by the Hollywood couple.

Is Alex Niedbalski on Social Media?

Alex has kept her personal life out of the spotlight. Wanda Sykes’ wife solely posts images of herself and her cherished family on Instagram, and she has over 19.2k followers. She has been politically involved while sharing modest moments of joy with her beloved companion. The first social media post Alex ever made was a video clip of Wanda Sykes making fun of her on The Ellen Show.

Alex with her wife Wanda in Instagram live

What is Alex Niedbalski’s Net Worth?

Alex’s net worth has remained a mystery to the general public. It’s okay to state the businesswoman has a fortune of over a million dollars because of her prominence in the business world and her relationship with Wanda. Wanda Sykes, her wife, has a net worth of $10 million.

Wanda is particularly wary of revealing any of her wife’s secrets to the press because Alex despises being in the spotlight. She has, nevertheless, gained notoriety as a result of her work, doing interviews, and sharing business ideas.

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