Did you wonder about Kit Connor Girlfriend? If you have not hopped on the train of HeartStopper, then this might be the right time to do so. The popular LGBTQ+ television series is now the talk of the town. Not only is the television series itself getting popular, but the cast involved in the series is also getting popular.

Due to this reason, many people have different questions regarding the popular cast members of Heartstopper. Among them, we’ve already dealt with a few questions regarding Kit Connor, and today in this coverage, we do it once more!

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Kit Connor Girlfriend
Kit Connor in Jon Magazine Via Instagram

As always, before learning anything about his relationships. Let us learn a little bit about himself first. Born on the 8th of March 2004 in Croydon, London, England. Kit Connor is a popular British actor whose popularity has recently skyrocketed due to his tv show.

He is the son of a senior art Director and Businesswoman and the brother of Ned Connor. Growing up, he showed his amazing passion for acting and entered the film industry when he was just 10 years old.

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Does Kit Connor Girlfriend Exist?

When you fulfill the fans’ wishes by working on the longtime fictional fantasy television show, you will encounter various questions regarding your realtionship. Presently, he is a member of the popular television series HeartStopper.

The tv show includes the romantic bi-sexual realtionship between cast Joe Locke and Kit Conner. Though they shared an amazing bond on the screen, it cannot be said in real life. Though Kit has also worked with several female casts around his age. It seems that non of them have sparked any interest in his real life.

Kit Connor Girlfriend
Kit Connor in HeartStopper Via Instagram

As far as we are concerned, Kit Connor Girlfriend doesn’t exist. The popular actor is around 18 years old and is currently more focused on his career than anything else. Though he played a rather controversial role in the particular television series, the actor has neither confirmed nor denied him being gay.

Is He Really in a Relationship With Joe Locke?

As we said earlier, he is well known around the globe for acting as the romantic partner of Joe Locke character Charlie. Often when two characters are romantically related or have a certain link, people start shipping them together.

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In this case, both of them are romantically linked to each other. They share a very romantic and intimate moment in a particular television show. Though they share a few intimate moments, they are not in a realtionship offscreen.

Kit Connor Girlfriend
Kit Connor and Joe Locke Via Instagram

Their acting and behavior toward each other are only limited on the screen, and hence, they are both good friends in real life. However, one thing that separates them is their sexuality. As we discussed, Kit has neither confirmed nor denied the fact of him being gay. Although we know about Kit, the same cannot be said for Joe.

Different internet resources portray the popular actor as gay. However, he has confirmed the fact that he is gay on several occasions. Now that we have shared these details we hope you learned something about Kit Connor Girlfriend!

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