A Turkish actor, model, and previous Basketball champ, Birkan Sokullu, is a trendy topic nowadays in Social Media and the Internet. He reportedly started getting attention and recognition after appearing in the movies Little Secrets and Conqueror.

Growing up in Istanbul, Turkey, Birkan assimilated the passion for Basketball and Radio-TV Programming. Though he did not take his abilities any further to some higher level, he showed interest in Acting and Movies. As a result, this 35-years lad has achieved one of the topmost positions as a successful Turkish Movies and TV industry actor.

He has undoubtedly gained a lot of success in his professional life. However, does he equally that successful in his personal life too? Ahead let’s take a look at Birkan’s accomplishments apart from his professional life.

Who is Birkan Sokullu Wife?

The Turkish star actor accomplished immense fame and love throughout his career journey. He is like an open book for his fans but only professionally, as he keeps many of his personal life stuffs out of the media nose. Despite having so many relationships and past affairs, presently, the actor is committed to a permanent relationship.

Birkan Sokullu has not married yet as of 2021, but he plans to do so very soon. The handsome hunk is currently dating and in a live-in relationship with Eda Gurkaynak, a Turkish woman and IB diploma graduate. Both were met during a movie shoot of Birkan.

However, there is only one person who got the tag of Birkan Sokullu Wife; she is Asli Enver. Both had married on the 13th of July, 2012, but sadly, when things did not work out, the pair eventually divorced in August 2015.

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Birkan’s Past Relationships & Affairs

Before Asli Enver, the lead actor of Little Secrets has an affair with a known actress Burcu Biricik. Together with the duo also shared their screen of the movie “Hayat Sarkis” he also had a daughter with her. However, Birkan dumped her later and began a relationship with Asli Enver.

Berrak Tuzunatac was another woman in the past relationship list of Birkan’s life. She is a model and had great chemistry with Sokullu. Additionally, their relationship turned out to be a trendy talk of media. However, the bonding soon changed into a breakup. And since the day, Birkan and Berrak have not seen each other together ever.

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