Besides getting popularity as the ex-wife of famous American Singer and Songwriter Abraham Isaac’ A.B’ Quintanilla III, Rikkie Leigh Robertson has stood out on her own as a Model and Actress in the American Entertainment industry. A.B Quintanilla is the brother of late music icon Selena, the Queen of Tejano Music.

A well-established model and actress, Robert Leigh Robertson, is also a content creator and makeup artist on her own YouTube channel. Let’s dig a little deeper to know how much she earns in 2021? What is Rikkie Leigh Robertson Net Worth?

Net Worth of Rikkie Leigh Robertson

The main reason for Rikkie’s popularity is her connection with her Ex-husband, A.B Quintanilla, who is the brother of her late sister And Queen of Tejano Music’ Selena’. He is a music producer, songwriter, and actor by profession too.

Besides her husband’s popularity, she never thought to be entirely dependent on him, neither she was. Before her marriage with A.B., Rikkie has already established herself as a model and actress in the entertainment industry and worked as a Blanco Agency model.

According to different online sources, Rikkie Leigh Robertson has an estimated Net Worth of $1 Million as of 2021. As a model, she gets paid around $22000- $210000 per year. Apart from this, she received a good amount of money from her ex-husband for the divorce settlement.

Rikkie and A.B Quintanilla Relationship

Apart from A.B’s popularity as a Musician and songwriter, he also famous because of his marriages. He married several times in his entire life started at the age of 24. Eventually, A.B got engaged with Rikkie Leigh Robertson on 12th November 2011 as his third marriage.

Rikkie and A.B stayed together in a marital relationship for nearly five years, but they also got separated after A.B announced their divorce at his concert on 5th July 2016. Rikkie further revealed that divorce with her ex-husband A.B had been Very Ugly.

What is Rikkie Leigh Robertson doing now?

After settling down her divorce from A.B Quintanilla, she got into a relationship with David Gonzales, her present husband. Both tied their knots on 23rd February 2020, as Rikkie announced that David proposed to her, and she said yes.

Presently, Rikkie is residing in Corpus Christi, Texas, with her Photographer Husband. She used to do modeling for her husband, which we can see from David’s Instagram posts. Apart from Modeling, Rikkie works as a receptionist at a law firm in Corpus Christi, represented as a Model at The Blanco Agency.

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