What is Rikkie Leigh Robertson Net Worth? Learn About AB Quintanilla’s Ex-Wife Earnings

Besides getting popularity as the ex-wife of famous American Singer and Songwriter Abraham Isaac’ A.B’ Quintanilla III, Rikkie Leigh Robertson has stood out on her own as a Model and Actress in the American Entertainment industry. A.B Quintanilla is the brother of late music icon Selena, the Queen of Tejano Music. A well-established model and actress, Robert Leigh […]

Rikkie Leigh Robertson

The re-known personality Rikkie Leigh Robertson is often popular and renowned for being the ex-wife of American Record music producer and artist A.B. Quintanilla. Apart from being an ex-wife of popular celebrities, she is also a model in America. Now let’s know Rikkie’s biography in detail including her career, Net worth, and relationship story with […]

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