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Ever wonder what exactly a special thing in all those teenage celebrities is? Is it their effort, or are they just getting popular by their luck? Well, in the case of Elias Harger, we can see the combination of his hard effort and luck. Although we have already covered his whole biography and success story in a previous article, we will learn about Elias Harger Age and his other early life details here.

The renowned teenage boy Elias started writing his career history at 7. You might think, how could he start his career at such a young age? Well, he appeared playing a lead character’s son role in the short movie Riviera (2014). Elias Harger then caught the attention of critics and bigger producers from his roles in Neverland, Popsy, Granny and The Arrival.

Know more about young American Actor Elias Harger

Elias Harger Age
American Actor Elias Harger

How Old is Elias Harger as of now?

After becoming a globally renowned personality, fans started scratching the social media platforms and his interviews. However, the most common question in their mind is Elias Harger Age and his birthday.

Elias is an American-born and raised child of father Jake Harger and mom Jeni Harger. His birthdate is the 22nd of October 2007, and he was born in Denver, Colorado, USA. Moreover, Elias Harger celebrates his birthday on the 22nd of October with his best classmates and family.

Elias Harger Age
Elias Harger with His Mother

He turned 14 years-of-age of last year, 2021. Even though there is quite a time left till his next birthday, Elias will reach 15 years this October of 2022. Moreover, due to his birth rights, the actor’s nationality is American, and his ethnicity is Caucasian.

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How Many Siblings Does Elias Have?

Elias Harger is spending his childhood with his other two siblings. He has a younger brother Issac Harger and a sister named Colyse Harger. But in the whole Harger family, he is the only person associated with the entertainment industry since the age of 5. Elias Logan Harger is currently studying at a Spanish Immersion School.

Elias Harger Age
Elias Harger with His Siblings

Moreover, he has developed hobbies in other sectors like Swimming, Skiing, playing piano and arts. Behind Elias’s successful debut in Hollywood is a great role played by his father and mother. From an early age, he used to act in theatre shows and gave performances in the acts like “A Christmas Carol” & “Shrek: The Musical.”

However, the talented soul ruled over millions of hearts with his potential and affection for screen and audience. Similarly, he acted in the films and shows as Max Fuller in Fuller House, Cain in Popsy, Timmy in Granny, and Felix in Felix and the Hidden Treasure.

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