Malte Gardinger

Table of Contents Toggle What is the age of Malte Gardinger? Where did Malte study for his acting career?? Did Malte Gardinger play on young royals? What is meant by Jovenes Altezas? Who is the girlfriend of Malte Gardinger? Does Malte use any social media accounts? What is the net worth of Malte Gardinger? What […]

Edvin Ryding

Edvin Ryding is a Swedish actor who entered the entertainment industry when he was only six. He has recently appeared in a Netflix Originals movie Young Royals. His role as Prince Williams received pretty good reviews from the critics. His other works are IRL, Prime Time, Froken Frimans Krig, and more. The actor is very […]

Vilhelm Blomgren

Vilhelm Blomgren is a popular Swedish actor with sheer class in acting and boundless talent. Generally, hefamous by the name Vilhelm Blomgren rather than the full name Carl Vilhelm John Blomgren. He is best known for his role as Pelle in the Drama-Horror theatre hit Midsommar in 2019.  You might wonder who Vilhelm Blomgren is as […]

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