Malte Gardinger is a popular Swedish actor and media personality. He is known for his different movies and television series. Moreover, he is also famous as the son of a popular Swedish TV- personality and model. His work often surrounds teen-based movie and drama series; though he has not played that many movies and televisions series, having a celebrity background has helped him a lot to gain some recognition.

If you think about what types of roles he is usually hired for, you will be shocked to know his film reel. He has done a quiet number of features but has acted as the main cast in some of them. He always worked hard to become as successful as his dad. So, what was his first movie name? How much does he earn? Does he have a girlfriend? If yes, is he married to her? Well, we will answer all of those questions one by one as we go through his biography!

Quick Facts
Full Name Malte Gardinger
Date of Birth 23rd July 2000
Birthplace Sweden
Nationality Swedish
Ethnicity Swedish
Relationship None
Net worth $3 Million
Height 5 feet and 6 inches
Weight 58 kgs
Zodiac Sign Leo
Siblings None
Children None
Hair Color Brown
Eye color Brown

Malte Gardinger
Malte Gardinger Smiling Via Instagram

What is the age of Malte Gardinger?

As of 2022, his age is around 22 years. He was born on 23rd July 2000 in Sweden. The name of his hometown is unknown due to the mistranslation of the languages. He was born in Malte Lars Isidor Myrenberg Gårdinger.

However, this doesn’t seem right; Malte Lars Isidor Myrenberg Gårdinger is his full name, born in some part of Sweden. He is the son of famous tv persona Pontus Gardinger. However, the name of his mother and siblings are still missing from the internet.

Where did Malte study for his acting career??

Malte is a very talented individual. His acting skills revolve mostly around a rich and luxurious lifestyle. In an interview, he explained that he studied his primary and secondary studies from his nearby schools in Sweden and then went to the capital of Sweden, Stockholm, to study his higher education.

As of 2022, he is still studying for his bachelor’s degree and will graduate in 2023. We, as media, still don’t know his degree program and are waiting for him to reveal it soon.

Did Malte Gardinger play on young royals?

He played in Young Royals as August for over 6 episodes. His acting revolved around being the son of the kings and queens of the particular tv series. Malte acted very confidently and received very good positive criticism from his fans and followers.

Though Young Royals became his most famous feature, his first debut movie released in 2014 and named The Andersons Rock the mountains. He is still actively working on his projects and will release Triangle of Sadness in 2022.

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What is meant by Jovenes Altezas?

Jovenes Altezas is the Spanish meaning of his popular tv series Young Royals. Since the television series launched globally, different countries liked it accordingly. Spanish, in general, liked it more than anyone else and hence was searched on google with his Spanish name. Moreover, he has featured in different types of television series like English, Swedish, Russian and Spanish. So you better watch out because this actor is not stopping anytime soon.

Malte Gardinger
Malte Gardinger bare fact Via Instagram

Who is the girlfriend of Malte Gardinger?

Malte Gardinger is the son of a tv personality and a successful actor. Due to his immense popularity, most people think that he might be in a relationship. However, that is not the case in the life of Malte Gardinger. Malte is working day and night to get over as popular as his father. So, presently, it seems the actor is not so interested in relationships. However, we cannot say the same for his future.

Does Malte use any social media accounts?

Malte belongs to the Gen Z generation of youths. As we all know, Gen Z generations Youths are engaging in their social media accounts. They love to know what is going on with their world and love to become a part of it.

The same is with Malte, and he also has an Instagram account with over 220k followers. His user name is @malte.gardinge, and he often posts about his life and his projects on his Instagram. So you can follow him there if you want a sneak peek into his life.

Malte Gardinger
Malte Gardinger in a Swedish Commerical Via Instagram

What is the net worth of Malte Gardinger?

He is a very hard-working and enthusiastic actor and media personality, He surely knows how to cash in his hard work and ethics. Though he started his career rather late in 2014, he has started earnings from his teenage.

His work is very elite, and he makes sure that he gives 100% when he is working on the set. With all the television projects that are yet to come in 2022, what do you think is his real earnings? ( With only over 9+ movies as of 2022, Malte could bank around $3 million in his pocket.

What is the height of Malte Gardinger?

He is 5 feet and 6 inches tall with a body mass of 58 kg. His body is made a little quirky as he has less body fat around his chest and more on his neck region. Nevertheless, he is a very handsome-looking individual with brown hair and eyes color. Moreover his zodiac sign is Leo.

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