Gretchen Barretto

Gretchen Castelo Barretto is a Filipino actress, philanthropist, and socialite. Her debut single, “Going Steady,”  was used as the soundtrack single for Regal Films’ 14 Going on Steady, launched her career as a singer-actress. Under Star Records, she has released two albums as well. Her debut album released in 2008 called ‘Unexpected’. Gretchen dropped out […]

Melissa Bolona

The stunning character of Sasha Van Dietrich from the movie Hurricane Heist was portrayed by an American super gorgeous actress Melissa Bolona. Melissa has played numerous movies and television shows in her career. Melissa Bolona is also a stunningly gorgeous model for magazines, and she is also a philanthropist. A multi-talent actress who is still […]

Oleksandra Nikolayenko

Table of Contents Toggle What is Oleksandra Nikolayenko Age? Who is Oleksandra Sibling? How did Oleksandra Start her Career? How is Nikolayenko Personal Life? Who is Oleksandra Nikolayenko Married To? What are Oleksandra Social Medias? What is the Net Worth of Oleksandra Nikolayenko? What is Nikolayenko Height? Oleksandra Nikolayenko is a Ukrainian model with many […]

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