Mina Sundwall

A gorgeous, talented, and Loved by Millions of Netflix lovers, Mina Sundwall is that one young actress who portrayed roles in movies and TV shows like Ghost Stories, Legends of Tomorrow and Lost in Space. Mina becomes the heartthrob actress just at an early age having more than 217K followers on her Instagram. Moreover, the beautiful girl […]

Tracy Ifeachor

If you have the slightest inclination towards the Vampire series, it’s impossible not to know CW’s Vampire Diaries and its star performer Tracy Ifeachor as Aya Al-Rashid. Tracy Ifeachor is a gifted British tv and theater actress whose fabulous performance in The Originals drama TV show boosted her entire acting career. After her work in […]

Falk Hentschel

Some celebrities fascinate you from the minute you watch them act whereas some attract you from their personality. That would be Falk Hentschel for you. The actor who has been in films such as “The White House Fell” and “Transcendence” is also a choreography guru and dancer. Fans of Hentschel, in particular, will identify with this […]

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