Annette Badland

Have you watched “Doctor Who” and wondered who Margaret Blaine is, you are in the right place. Annette Badland is a 71-year-old actress who has given multiple hit shows like “Outlander,” “The Dumping Ground,” and “EastEnders.” She devoted her life to the entertainment industry and is still a part of many movies. Moreover, she has […]

Yolanda Lynes

Yolanda Lynes is yet another British actress who was born in London, the United Kingdom, in the British Film Industry. Her exact name is Yolanda Lynes. Yolanda Lynes is a 29-year-old British actress. She was born on June 25, 1992. Yolanda is a British actress who is an all-rounder, famous for her short films, Netflix shows, and New Show […]

Nikkita Chadha

Every Celebrity has a unique ability to show off and which helps them to sell their talent. Similarly, Nikkita Chadha is also a similar celebrity who can be introduced as a British Actress and Dancer. She came to the public spotlight after she appeared as a courtier dancer in the TV series ‘The Great.’ Besides this, Nikkita […]

Banita Sandhu

Banita Sandhu is a rising British-born actress who began her filmy journey from Indian Films. She came to the public spotlight on 2018’s Bollywood film October featuring Varun Dhawan and cast in Tamil movie Adithya Varma. Besides this, she also made her name in the international movie industry, appearing in the science fiction TV show Pandora (2019). […]

Maddison Jaizani

Popular TV show Versailles actress Maddison Jaizani is one of the most renowned entertainment media personalities from England. However, she is better described as a British-Iranian actress who rose to fame for her best portrayals as Sophie De Clermont in Versailles and Mess Marvin’s TV show Nancy Drew. The gorgeous lady is active in the entertainment world as an actress since […]