Samuel Krost

An American most popular and stylish fashion designer, Samuel Krost is famous as the director of his own company, Fyre Media. He is a hardworking, handsome character and friend of popular celebrities as sexiest as Kendall Jenner and as beautiful as Gigi Hadid. Samuel Krost is an American-born stylish character who was seen in the […]

Tana Mundkowsky

Tana Mundkowsky is an American citizen who has set up her career as an assistant for fashion designer Betsey Johnson, a manager at Urban Outfitters. Moreover, she has worked in the field of teaching. Furthermore is she a School teacher. Tana Mundkowsky was a popular woman. She is popular through her husband, Brandon Flowers. who […]

Lyndrea Price

If you like tennis, there are very few chances that you don’t know the popular players named Venus and Serena. Besides being related as sisters, both are amazing and former number one tennis players. Since their discography is available everywhere on the Internet, we can talk more about their family member named Lyndrea price today. […]

Hanne Norgaard

Hanne Norgaard is a well-known fashion designer in the United States. In the field of makeup, she has received several international awards. The makeup artist has launched a series of campaigns to help women feel more confident in their skin. Idris Elba, an English actor, and singer is her ex-husband. Hanne also gained prominence from […]

Lilly Ghalichi

Lilly Ghalichi is one of the most excellent and most known fashion designers, entrepreneurs, and social media stars. She is also known as Persian Barbie as she is a Middle Eastern Model with glamorous lashes. In addition to that, the lady made her appearances on the Television Show ‘Shahs of Sunset’. Graduating from the University of […]

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