If you like tennis, there are very few chances that you don’t know the popular players named Venus and Serena. Besides being related as sisters, both are amazing and former number one tennis players. Since their discography is available everywhere on the Internet, we can talk more about their family member named Lyndrea price today. We came to know that lyndrea price is a popular web developer and fashion designer through the sources. The celebrity sister is also a famous costume designer and woman activist.

Her professional work is pretty much available all over the Internet, and she has done some notable works in society as well. One of the reasons she is not that popular is because she has less indulged in media-related activities. However, she is starting to get recognized due to her sisters. Hence, we have decided to cover everything related to her personal life in today’s coverage. So let us Scroll down as we take a look at your life through her biography.

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Quick Facts
Full NameLyndrea Price
Date of Birth1978
Net worth$1Million
Height5 feet and 7 inches
Zodiac SignUnknown
SiblingsYetunde Price and Isha Price and Half Blood Sibings( Venus and Serena Williams)
Hair ColorBlack
Eye colorDark Brown
Father's nameYusuf Rasheed
Mother's NameOrcene

How old is Lyndrea Price?

While searching through the Internet, we learned that she was born back in 1978 in the United States of America. Hence, if you deduct that particular year from today’s 2020, she might be around the age of 44. We do not have an exact date when she will celebrate her Birthday. Hence, this allows her to hold an American nationality card, and her ethnicity is African American.

Other than that, we learned that her father’s name is Yusuf Rasheed and her mother’s name is Oracene. She has her own two siblings named Yetunde Price and Isha Price. However, she also has two step-siblings named Venus Williams and Serena Williams.

Lyndrea Price
Lyndrea Price Young days Via Getty

Where did Lyndrea receive her Education?

Even though she is a successful web developer and costume designer, the detail about her educational qualifications is still not public. It seems that she is not that quite Comfortable sharing her academic details. Nevertheless, she finished her primary and secondary education at her local schools and colleges.

She went to a popular university in the United States to study more for her university degree. Since She is very good at computers and costumes, she completed her bachelor’s degree in computer science but always had a passion for costume designing herself.

What was the reason behind the death of Yetunde Price?

Yetunde Price was the blood sister of Lyndrea price. Besides being an awesome sibling, she was also the personal assistant of popular tennis players Venus and Serena Williams. She had an amazing personality and charmed everyone because of it. Like her step sibling, she was also one of the family’s popular members.

However, the whole family’s smiles faded when everyone found out she was murdered in the California shooting. Funeral Lyndrea Price became a trend on Twitter just two days after the murder. Before her murder, she would get featured in King Richard’s popular movie. Richard always seems to be controversial among sports figures.

Lyndrea Price
Lyndrea Price with her sisters taking the trophy Via Getty

Is Lyndrea Price married?

Shockingly, even though she is around the age of 44 years old, it seems that she is not interested in marriage. The popular celebrity is busy making her best by working hard. As of May 2022, she is in a relationship with Vernon Imani.

They started dating back in 2014, but Media found out about their relationship on 16th May 2016. Even though there is no info about his occupation, it seems that he is a low-key teacher in a popular college. Other than that, any other details related to him are not available.

Does Lyndrea have her own Instagram account?

Even though she is a successful web developer and tech nerd, we must consider that she is also a popular costume designer. Hence, to popularise or advertise her fashion merchandise, She uses popular media sites like Instagram.

She uses these popular media sites to promote more about her Occupation. She also makes TV appearances, so she loves to excite the public. Nevertheless, you can follow her Instagram under her username if you want to follow her Instagram.

What is Lyndrea Price Net Worth?

Since she is a hard-working computer program designer and fashion designer, she makes a pretty good income. Even though we know about her income sources, she has not revealed any details about her net worth yet.

Hence, we scattered around the Internet to learn more about her income. While searching, we learned that she makes around 700k yearly as her net worth through web development only. If we add her costume designing skills to it, her network might be around $1Million as of 2022.

What is Lyndrea Price Height?

Even though her physic doesn’t match with her stepsisters, she is also around the height of five feet and seven inches, just like Venus and Serena Williams. She resembles a typical African American facial structure with dark brown eyes and black braided hair. As of 2022, she doesn’t have any major health complications and is living healthily. Due to insufficient information related to her birth date, we could not find her Zodiac sign. 

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