While continuing the talks related to the Lucie Arnaz family. Today we have the opportunity to talk more about her son. Simon Luckinbill is popular worldwide for being the grandchildren of popular celebrities Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz. He inherited his limelight from his parents as well as his grandparents. If you guys don’t know, his grandparents are one of the most celebrities and comedians of the 90s era.

People wanted to know if the popular celebrity grandchild had done the same. Unlike his grandparents and parents, his discography and the Internet are pretty rare. However, we have searched around the Internet to learn more about the popular star kid’s lifestyle. We will try to answer different questions about his net worth, birthdate, and others. So let us Scroll down as we look at his life through his biography.

Quick Facts
Full NameSimon Luckinbill
Date of Birth10th of December 1980
BirthplaceNew York, USA
Net worth$1 Million
Height5 feet and 8 inches
Zodiac SignSagittarius
SiblingsJoseph and Katharine Luckinbill(Full Blood) Nicholas and Benjamin(Half-Blood)
Hair ColorBlack
Eye colorBlack
Father's nameLaurence Luckinbill
Mother's NameLucie Arnaz
Maternal GrandfatherDesi Arnaz
Maternal GrandmotherLucille Ball

Simon Luckinbill
Simon Luckinbill with his grandparents via joeyenglish.com

How old is Simon Luckinbill? 

As of May 2022, it seems that he is around the age of 41 years old. Simon Luckinbill was born on the 10th of December 1980 in New York, United States of America. Due to his birthrights, his nationality is American, and his ethnicity is Caucasian. His childhood was playful, and it blossomed due to his parents’ care.

If you guys don’t know, his parents are Lucie Arnaz and Laurence Luckinbill. His mother, Lucie Arnaz, is the daughter of two celebrities, Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz. He has two blood siblings named Joseph Luckinbill and Katharine and two half-siblings named Nicholas and Ben Luckinbill. These are the only information that is available about his family. 

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Where did Simon receive his education? 

As far as his primary education is concerned, he finished his primary and secondary education at local schools and colleges. After finishing his primary education, he studied in a reputed college in New York to learn more about his bachelor’s degree.

Even though we know that he has finished his bachelor’s degree in New York, we don’t have enough information about his bachelor’s degree program. He might have taken up some program that supports his career. We don’t have enough information about his educational institution names other than these details. 

Did Simon Joseph and Katharine Luckinbill work together? 

All three siblings were pretty popular in the social media and the media industry Because of their parent’s and grandparents’ limelight. Due to this reason, many people assume that they all work together on a project. However, it’s really sad to break it up with you, but they were not together on any projects.

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However, in 2021 they were all spotted on a television show where they were interviewed about their life. Being born into a celebrity family has its sort of responsibilities. And they were talking all about those things on the Today television show. Other than that, we certainly don’t have enough information about them working together on any project.

Simon Luckinbill
Simon Luckinbill with his whole family in his art showcase Via Getty

Is Simon Luckinbill married? 

While searching about himself on the Internet, we learned that he is married. However, we certainly don’t have enough information regarding his wife and children. As far as we know, his great-grandparents were married and got divorced within a few years of their marriage. Within those years, they gave birth to his mother, and His mother gave birth to him.

If you guys don’t know, he is an artist and loves to portray his life through his art. He has explained numerous times how much he loves his parents and his grandparents through his art. Even though we know about this information, we certainly don’t have enough details about his wife and children. 

Does Simon have his social media accounts? 

While searching through the Internet, we could not find any details about his social media profile. As far as we are concerned, he has a social media account on any of those popular social media platforms, but it seems that it is private at the moment.

He is connected with those people who are close to his heart through several social mediums. But it seems that social media is not the one. If you want to learn more about him, you can rather follow his sibling’s social media accounts as they share different pictures about him.

Simon Luckinbill
Simon Luckinbill with his mother Via Instagram

What is Simon Luckinbill net worth? 

Even though he has inherited some popularity from his parents and his grandparents, as far as his net worth is concerned, he is earning his own money by selling his arts to other people. Rather than focusing on television shows and movies, he focused on artistic values. That is the reason why he is a good abstract as well as an acrylic painter. His work has been put down in several museums and art galleries and was sold even in thousands.

Through these certain details, we realized that his net worth might be around $1 Million as of 2022. Even though he’s not that active on social media, he might as well be the highest-earning child in her family and even among her siblings. 

What is Simon Luckinbill height? 

Even though he appears to be a little shorter in person, his height is around five feet and eight inches, and his body weight is around 68 kilograms. He resembles a typical Caucasian facial structure and inherited his black hair and black eyes from his parents and grandparents.

Other than that, he is completely healthy and is living a healthy life as of May 2022. Previously, he suffered from minor diseases, but he is now doing Okay. Finally, we know that his Zodiac sign is Sagittarius through his birthdate.

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