Ryder Ripps is a popular American photo artist, programmer, and creative director. The versatile personality came into limelight for different reasons, some nice and some rather disturbing. We call it disturbing because his work of art often summaries the concept of all political violence and lethal matters. In addition, he is known for his often genre-blending fiction and direction. His work is limited to physical creations as he is also one of the digital businessmen of the USA.

Born in one of the countries rich in digital and real currency, Ryder knows how to fill his coin to get him the best profit by selling his artwork or selling something rather controversial. So, why is he known for all those bad reasons? What did he sell anyway? And all of your other questions will be answered today as we get through his biography!

Quick Facts
Full NameRyder Ripps
Date of BirthJuly 7, 1986
BirthplaceNew York City, United States
Father NameRodney Ripps
Mother NameHelene Verin
RelationshipEx Fiancé Azealia Banks
Net worth$700k
Height5feet and 7 inches
Weight76 kg
Zodiac SignCancer
Hair ColorDark Brown
Eye colorDark Brown
Ryder Ripps
Ryder Ripps in New York Times Via TNYT

Is Ryder Ripps from a Jewish Family?

Ryder is the son of Artist Rodney Ripps and Designer Helene Verin. As from research, it is found that both his parents are Jewish. On July 7, 1986, he was born in New York City, United States. Since he was born in the USA, he holds an American nationality card and a Jewish background. Moreover, he also has a brother whose name is Ezra.

What is the educational background of Ryder?

His educational background is rather simple than the skill set he has. It seems that he has been very good at javascript and HTML from an early age. He said that for that reason, only he was able to know about different NFTS that are running in the market. As for his academic institutions, he is a High Shcool M560 graduate and also a New School graduate with a degree in Multimedia and arts.

Did Ryder work for grimes?

His work is known for a rather futuristic style of arts and direction, and Grimes is known for her whacky tunes and visuals. The former Elon Musk’s Wife Grimes hired Ryder as a creative director for her ALBUM. She said that she liked the way Ryder drew her album covers. As the name suggests, Grimes album had this fluid texture images with a futuristic approach.

Ryder Ripps
Ryder Ripps with a design model Via Medium

Why was Ryder Ripps fired from Zara Larsson music video?

Ryder Ripps gained his name and fame from being a creative director at Zara Larsson Projects. Critics widely appreciated his direction as he included every color that Zara Larsson wanted to show to her fans. Her work matched perfectly to Ryder and they both were doing an amazing job. However, Ryder’s name came under fire when he body shamed Zara Larsson as Zara Armson. The whole industry became extremely furious and he became immediately fired in 2015.

Why did Ryder Ripps Break up with Azealia Banks?

Ryder Ripps and Azealia Banks Were madly in love with each other. The couple met each other perfectly, and the internet loved their chemistry and seemed to love each other. However, their relationship terminated for rather controversial reasons. Azealia’s Former Fiance, Ryder is famous for his notorious ways of making a chunk of cash, and he crossed the line this time.

Ryder sold his intimate moments with Azealia as an NFT on the digital market. The tape did make a huge amount of sales. However, Azealia was fondly devastated learning that her Fiance did something like that. Both couples were already engaged as of February 2, 2021, but called off their realtionship on March 6 due to the invasion of privacy. Both couples called off their realtionship by realving the news publicly in their respective Instagram accounts.

Does Ryder Ripps upload his teeth art on Instagram?

Ryder uses social media to let his follower know about his investments and his current work. Through his Instagram account, @ryder_ripps has over 50.1k followers, He doesn’t seem to be the person who often posts about himself in the media. So, he didn’t post his art on Instagram. Teeth was an amazing art piece by the artist as it shows the difference in political instability and how people were treated. Nevertheless, the art had never been uploaded to social media but purchased as NFT.

Ryder Ripps
Ryder Ripps talking about NFT Via Input Mag

What is the net worth of Ryder Ripps after joining Kanye west Agency DONDA?

Ryder Ripps is currently signed under the creative agency of Kanye West’s DONDA. He works there are a creative director and NFT maker. Though he is doing pretty solid work, his net worth seems rather low. He seems to be making a six-figure income, but he doesn’t seem to have that many Physical Assets. So, how much is his net worth anyway? Well, it turns out he earns around $700k annually as a part of his net worth.

He earns by creative direction different label’s music video and makes a good amount of cash selling NFTs. Since NFT below in up in America during 2021. He seems to make a good profit out of his art. However, if he wants to see his net worth rise, he should start investing in stocks and assets.

What is the height of Ryder Ripps?

Ryder Ripps is around 5 feet and 7 inches with a body mass of 76 kg. His real eye color seems to be dark brown with similar hair color. Though he doesn’t upload his pictures on Instagram, media sources have outscored his pictures from different mediums. Moreover, if you wonder about his star sign, it’s Cancer!

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