Rima Elizabeth Horton, known as 1986 elected former English Councilor for the Labour Party on Kensington and Chelsea London Borough Council. She was its Chief Whip and an education advocate throughout her term.

Elizabeth Horton worked as a politician and spokeswoman for several organizations and political parties during her career. In her career, she acted as a senior economics educator at Kingston University in London until she retired in 2012.

Quick Facts
NameRima Elizabeth Horton
Date of Birth31 January 1947
Place of BirthBayswater, London, England
Father's NameWilfred Stewart Horton (1905-2003)
Mother's NameElice Irene
ProfessionFormer Councillor, Lecturer
SpouseAlan Rickman
Political PartyLabour Party
Net Worth$10 million
Year Active1986 - present
Rima Horton
Rima Elizabeth Horton in her 70s’

What is Rima Horton Age?

Born on 31 January 1947, 75 years old, Elizabeth spent her childhood in Bayswater, London, England. She was born in a middle-class working family, the daughter of Elice Irene (1906–1984) and Wilfred Stewart Horton(1905–2003). She grew up together with her three other siblings and spent her childhood.

How did Elizabeth serve as councilor?

Elizabeth acted at Kensington and Chelsea London Borough Council in the position of Labour Party councilor since 1986. In addition, she made herself a position of spokesperson for the council. She worked for 20 years on the committee until she lost her standing in May 2006. In 1994, Elizabeth authored the title ‘Inequality’ in the Elgar Companion to Radical Political Economy.

Subsequently, she unsuccessfully sought Parliament as a Labour candidate twice, falling short of the Conservative nominee. In addition, she served well but decided to retire from the council. She has worked and donated to various charity programs in recent days. In 2012, she took a break from her professional life and retired.

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When was Rima Horton married, and who was her husband?

Rima married Alan Rickman, an English actor and director famous for his act in Romeo and Juliet and his marvelous acting as Severus Snape, the famous ‘master of portion‘ in Harry Potter. In addition to completing her primary school, young Elizabeth joined a theatre group for amateurs at Chelsea College of Arts, where she met Alan, and they acted together in 1965.

In 1977, the couple established a living relationship after 12 years of dating and togetherness. Even though they were living together, the couple married in New York City in their 70s at a private ceremony in 2012. But they publicly announced their marital relationship in 2015.

Rima Horton
Rima Horton and Alan Rickman married after 47 years of dating

Furthermore, Alan mentioned his wife Rima, his first girlfriend, and they lived together until his death from pancreatic cancer in 2016. Unfortunately, the couple doesn’t have children for personal and professional reasons.

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Is Rima active on Social media?

Rima doesn’t seem to show much of her interest in social media. She has her Instagram and Twitter accounts but she doesn’t have many followers. Horton posted about her husband on her Instagram back in 2017 and after that incident, she hasn’t mentioned any new updates. Rima does have a Twitter account and tweets often about politics and government.

Rima Horton
Rima Elizabeth Horton with her husband Alan Rickman

What is Rima Elizabeth Horton Net Worth?

Seventy-five years old Elizabeth probably has about USD 10 million as of 2022. She earned a good fortune in her professional life. In addition, Rick has left $4 million of real estate for his wife. She claims rick’s remained UK properties.

She decided to serve as a member of the board of directors of a charity program built for children in 2002. The charity program was entitled ‘The Making Place.’ She is a kind-hearted lady and enjoys her fortune sharing with the needy.

What is Rima Horton Height?

Rima Horton is a 5 ft (153 cm) woman with dark brown eyes and black hair. Her physique is average and she looks fit at her age in her mid-70s. She has maintained her body healthy and in shape. She is a white Caucasian woman with an Aquarius star sign.

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