Today, we can talk more about the celebrity wife Rhona Gemmell. We will learn more about her birthdate, birthplace, net worth, and all other details available on the Internet. She became famous after being associated with her husband, named Robbie Coltrane. Robbie was famous for his features in popular movies like Harry Potter and others. She has popularized herself as a decent British sculpturer and a hard-working wife.

Unlike her husband, her discography on the Internet is rare, so people find it hard to learn more about the ex-celebrity wife. This is also the reason why people don’t know the reason behind their separation and what was the exact reason behind their divorce. However, we have tried our best to collect as much information about ourselves as is available on the Internet. So let us Scroll down as we take a look at her life through her biography.

Quick Facts
Full NameRhona Gemmell
Date of BirthUnknown
RelationshipDivorced from Robbie Coltrane
Net worth700K
Height5 feet and 7 inches
Zodiac SignUnknown
ChildrenSpencer and Alice McMillian
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye colorHazel
Father's nameUnknwon
Mother's NameUnknwon

Rhona Gemmell
Rhona Gemmell with her husband Via Getty

What is Rhona Gemmell Age? 

Sunsets are that she might be around 70 years old as of 2022. It is because she has never revealed any details about her age. However, we do know that her nationality is British because she was born in the United Kingdom, and her ethnicity is Caucasian.

Just like the details about her birthdate, we also don’t have enough information regarding her parents and siblings. As far as we know, her parents followed Christianity, and hence she’s also Christian by religion. 

Where did Rhona get her education from? 

As far as we are concerned, that seems that she finished her primary and secondary education at her local schools and colleges. She might have studied sculpturing at a reputed College in the United Kingdom since she has never revealed anything about her bachelor’s education to the public.

We can’t currently pinpoint any universities the moment. No matter their education, it seems that she has engraved her skills to be one of the most famous British Sculptures in the world.

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Was Rhona Gemmell Husband Robbie Coltrane Gay? 

As far as we know, her husband Darabi is not gay of his sexuality. The particular rumor about him being gay started popping up when he supported JK Rowling on her statement. The Particular controversy started in September 2020 when Rowling was involved in hot water with Harry Potter fans. She was involved in the particular controversy due to her hateful remarks toward trans and gay people.

Rhona Gemmell
Rhona Gemmell with her husband Via IMGPI

However, on the other hand, her husband Robby supported this statement of JK and stood behind her side. That is the only reason why people often think of him as gay. However, he is not gay. The couple was married back in 1999 but divorced back in 2003 due to their Maternal insecurities and fights. They met each other on the Christmas eve of 1987. They had two children named Spencer and Alice McMillian within those years.  

What is Rhona Gemmell height? 

As far as her height is concerned, she was just four inches smaller than her husband. If we have to put it down in numbers, it seems that her height is around 5 feet and seven inches, along with her bodyweight being around 57 kilograms. She resembles a typical British Caucasian Facial structure with blonde hair and Hazel eyes.

As of 2024, she is completely healthy and is not suffering from major health complications. Finally, we don’t have enough information about her Zodiac sign due to a lack of information regarding her birth details. 

Rhona Gemmell
Rhona Gemmell with her husband Via Alamy

What is Rhona Gemmell Net Worth? 

Besides being the ex-wife of a popular celebrity, she is also a popular Sculpturer. She loves to design different sculptors regarding different places and events on Planet. Even though she is a popular sculpturer, Do you guys think her net worth is higher than her husband’s?

However, this particular information depends on how much she makes through each Sculptor and its frequency. As far as we know, she makes around 700K as her net worth by selling sculptures, which is very less than her husband. But it seems that she makes a living out of it. 

Is Rhona Instagram Active ? 

When a celebrity divorce occurs, it is usually a hot topic among different media sources. If both parties are popular media celebrities, it also becomes one of the trending topics around the Internet. However, in her case, it was pretty simple. Her husband Robbie is not very popular on the Internet, which is true for her.

Due to that reason, they didn’t have that much media coverage when they got separated. At the same time, we don’t have any information about her social media accounts. We tried searching through several media platforms, but she doesn’t have a social media account.

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