On the edge of today’s Russian and Ukrainian wars, Let us know a little bit about a family member of one Party. Vladimir Putin is the President of Russia, a well-identified popular political spokesperson, and also the father of Mariya Putina. Mariya Putina Is the eldest daughter of Russian President Putin. Not only is she is well famous in Russia as the daughter of the President, but she is also a popular Russian Pediatric endocrinologist. Unlike other times, due to recent acts of Russian wars, her name has been brought in front of the media.

Like her father, Mariya is well into public service and likes to help Russian people with diseases and health. She is a well-qualified Doctor who has finished her study in endocrinology. However, due to recent events, Mariya doesn’t appear in front of the public because her father doesn’t want them to do so. Even though she is the eldest daughter of Putin’s family, she doesn’t seem interested in her country’s politics. Moving on, how is the life of the eldest daughter of Vladimir Putin? Let’s learn from her biography!

Quick Facts
Full NameMariya Putina
Date of Birth28th of April 1985
BirthplaceSaint Petersburg, Russia
RelationshipMarried to Jorrit Faassen
Net worth$10 million
Height5 feet 4 inches
Zodiac SignAries
Father's nameVladimir Putin
Mother's nameLyudmila Putina
SiblingsYekaterina Tikhonova
Grand Father's nameVladimir Spirdonovich Putin
Grand Mother's nameMaria Ivanovna Shelomova
Hair ColorBlond
Eye colorLight Brown
Mariya Putina
Mariya Putina in Russian media interview Via Vizaca

What is Mariya Putina Age?

As of 2022, her age is around 36 years old. Mariya was born on the 28th of April 1985 in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Since she was born in Russia, her nationality is Russian, and her ethnicity is Caucasian. Growing up, she had a silver spoon in her mouth, but her details were never public because her father kept her hidden along with her sister.

The name of her parents is Vladimir Putin (father), and Lyudmila Putina (mother). Her grandparent’s name was Vladimir Spirdonovich Putin and Mariya Ivanovna Shelomova. Moreover, she also has a younger sibling named Yekaterina Tikhonova

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Where did Mariya study from?

Even though, growing up, she had all the facilities of a rich kid due to her father’s power, she wanted to pursue something pubic-related to help her public. So she went to study at Saint Petersburg State University and graduated with a degree in Endocrinology.

Later on, she went to Moscow State University to learn about political culture. Due to her life being secret from the media, we don’t know if she became a doctor and is working in a health clinic or not. However, we do know that she is involved in research at Spectrum Health research facility.

Mariya Putina
Mariya Putina with her father and mother Via nbcnews

Who is Mariya Putina husband?

The daughter of President Vladimir Putin is married to her long-time boyfriend. Mariya Putina’s husband name is Jorrit Faassen. Jorrit is a popular German-based architect and entrepreneur. Even though he is a popular architect on his own, he is well known around Germany for being the son-in-law of Vladimir Putin. There is very little information about when he started dating Mariya. Her father was always aware of their relationship, as far as we know. As of 2022, the couples don’t have any children together.

Does Mariya use social media?

If you don’t know, the Chinese and the Russian servers are entirely different for popular social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Moreover, Russians have their own social media platforms to communicate with the people. The platform is  YK, and Russian citizens regularly use it. However, As for the eldest daughter of Vladimir Putin, she doesn’t use any social media at the moment. 

Mariya Putina
Mariya Putina childhood picture with her sister Via business insider

What is Maria Putina net worth?

The eldest daughter of Vladimir Putin, Mariya, earns Around $10 million as her net worth. She’s a doctor researching endocrinology and is also the President’s daughter. Even though she owns a large amount of her own father’s property, she likes earning to live her lifestyle.  

What is Mariya Putina height?

If we compare her height with her father, she’s a little shorter than the President of Russia. Her actual height is around 5 feet and 4 inches, along with a body mass of 76kgs. Moreover, she is even shorter than her sister Yekaterina Putina. She resembles a typical Russian caucasian face with light brown eyes and Blond Hair color. Moreover, her zodiac sign is Aries.

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