Marcelle Tagand Lear is the wife of famous late American actor Adam West. Adam is known for his role as Batman in the 1960’s ABC series Batman. He also did the theatrical feature film Batman, for which he was immensely popular. Marcelle’s name and fame came to rise after having a relationship with Adam. And this continues till now.

She was also in the spotlight for having an unusual relationship with her former husband, John Lear. John is the son of Lear Jet Corporation founder Bill Lear. He was a famous airman and UFO conspiracy theorist. After divorcing her first husband, she was still attending different events with both her husband. It put her in a highlight for quite some time. One noticeable incident is from the Hollywood Walk of Fame on April 5, 2012, where she was with both of them.

Quick Info
Birth Date1941
Birth PlaceUSA
SpouseAdam West (1970-2017 death)
ChildrenJill Tagand Lear, Moya Tagand Lear, Nina West, Perrin West
Age62 years old
Net Worth$30 million

Early Age

Moving on to her early age, she was born in 1941. However, the exact date is unknown, and neither does her education details are available. Her first marriage was in her twenties. So, After she was with John Lear, she came to a list of famous public figures. Therefore, when she was marrying Adam West, her name came into the limelight.


Speaking about Marcelle’s career life, there hasn’t been any information. Her life before marrying Adam West was off the radar. Therefore her details such as education, family, and childhood are not publicly available.

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Personal Life

About her personal life, she has children with both her husband. From John Lear, she has two children, and with Adam West, she has one. Also, Adam West has two failed married life before Marcelle Tagand Lear. His first wife was his college girlfriend Bille Lou, and his second wife was a Hawaiian dancer Frisbee Dawson.

So, Marcelle was his third wife, with whom he stayed together for 46 years. Finally, however, she had to face the sad truth of Adam West’s death.

First Marriage

By, now we already know her first husband was John Lear. Moreover, she has two children with him. The couple started to feel a rift in their relationship, which finally led to divorce.

After that, the couple went on a different path in life. Adam then married an actress from Mississippi who was the owner of a successful movie casting firm.

Second Marriage

Her second marriage was with Adam West, who is a successful actor in his time. The couple had a daughter, Nina West, and a son, Perrin. Nina was born in 1976, whereas Perrin was born in 1979.

She even helped him during his worst time as an alcoholic. Since then, the couple has lived their life as a happy couple. But, it came to an end with Adam’s sudden death on June 9, 2017.

Adam West Career

Adam West’s birth name was William West Anderson. Initially, he was playing a sidekick role for a local television show called The Kini Popo Show. However, upon moving to Hollywood for better career opportunities, he took the name Adam West.

After entering Hollywood, he was able to make appearances in many TV shows and films. But, one of his best roles was as a Batman, a DC character for the television series Batman. The character Batman portrayed by Adam was a huge success which led him into more success. Finally, he was able to do more films and Tv shows as a Batman character.

Social Media

There aren’t any verified social media account for Marcelle. However, Adam has his Twitter account. The couple was not into social media, assuming they don’t want to be bothered by social media. Still, after death, Adam West Twitter account not has 129.1K followers.

Net Worth

Marcelle Tagand Lear herself does not have much wealth. However, because of her late husband’s success as an actor, she has inherited some. Marcelle Lear Net Worth is $30 million. That’s not a surprise, considering Adam West’s successful life as an actor.

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