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Brett Bellera, the name itself is famous as he is the controversial son of controversial mother Amy fisher. The globally renowned female Journalist has become the internet sensation for living in prison for seven years. She was accused of attacking the wife of Joey Buttafuoco just at the age of 16. (

Brett Bellera (born in 2001) is the eldest son of mother Amy Fisher and Lou Bellera. However, the son and mother relationship and bonding have rarely been discussed and revealed publicly. So, let’s find out how the relationship of Brett Bellera with his Mom, Amy Fisher is now in 2021?

Relationship of Brett Bellera with Mom Amy Fisher

Not to mention but you might already well aware of Amy Fisher’s controversies, polls, and in-prison kinds of stories. Brett Bellera is the first child of Amy Fisher, sharing with her ex-husband Lou Bellera. As Amy is widespread, being a controversial personality, Brett Bellera automatically got into the public spotlight as he is her son.

The relationship between son and mother is most likely as mothers always guide their children to stay on the right path and earn a qualitative life for themselves. But there is a different case with Brett and Amy; Brett possesses all of the characters of his mother, Amy Fisher.

He also found himself in a similar criminal kind of situation like his mother; Brett was arrested by the cops on the 29th of May, 2019, on the charge of multiple law violations. During the time he was in Palm Beach County, Florida.

Brett also indulged in criminal activities in his teenage days, precisely like Amy fisher, who attempted to kill her lover’s wife, Mary Jo Buttafuoco. Later on, he was again charged and accused in a robbery case of $5000.

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Where are They Now?

After Settling down all the controversies, Amy Fisher later divorced her partner Joey Buttafuoco in 2015. Similarly, as per, the actress currently resides at her luxurious house in Wellington, Florida, with her children: Brett Bellera and Ava Rose Bellera.

The luxurious house has a price of 0.575 Million which took a total area of 4,000 square feet with 5-bedrooms, 5- bathrooms, a gourmet kitchen, and a swimming pool.

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