Today’s coverage will talk about the oldest sister among the Haschak sisters. Madison Haschak is a popular American Media celebrity, influencer, and dancer. She came into the limelight after being associated with a popular American rapper, MattyBRaps. She was featured in a lot of his music videos, including Humps. Moreover, she is famous for the Youtube channel Haschak Sisters, run by her sisters.

If you know other Haschak Sisters, there are chances that you already know her. This is because she’s also a popular TikTok star, just like her sisters. Moreover, MattyB is already a popular American musician and rapper, and everyone associated with him benefits from his exposure. Due to this reason, many audiences want to know more about the particular dancer Madison Haschak. Hence in today’s biography, we will learn all about her life.

Quick Facts
Full NameMadison Haschak
Date of Birth27th of June, 2000
BirthplaceCalifornia, United States
RelationshipJohnathan Fuller
Net worth$1.5 million
Height5 feet and 7 inches
Zodiac SignCancer
SiblingsGrace, Olivia, Sierra
Hair ColorLight Brown
Eye colorDark Brown
Madison Haschak
Madison Haschak as a cheerleader Via Instagram

How old is Madison from the Haschak sisters?

As of 2022, she will soon be 22 years old. Madison was born on the 27th of June, 2000, in California, United States. Growing up, she has already obtained American nationality, and her ethnicity is Caucasian. She is the daughter of Father John Haschak and mother Kathi Haschak. Unfortunately, not much can be found on the internet about her parents than their names.

As you guys already know, she also has 3 sisters named Gracie Haschak, Sierra Haschak, and Olivia Haschak. Growing up, she had an amazing childhood and now works hard for her future. Haschak sisters have good chemistry and are eager to keep it that way for success.

Where has Madison received a college education?

Judging by her age, she might be in high school. She finished her secondary education back in 2020 and is now enrolled in high school education as of 2022. She finished her primary education at her local schools in California. Moving on, she went to her local high school and is now pursuing her secondary education. She also stated that she would apply to a more popular college in Arts.

When did Madison appear in MattyBraps Music Video?

As you know, she’s not the first sister to appear in MattyBraps music videos. However, her name comes from those who have been involved in a lot more videos than ordinary ones. Matty loves to record original music, just like Madison Haschak’s songs from 2012.

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Hence he likes to add his friends like Madison and others on his cover and original music videos. Even though Madison Haschak songs are popular, she has benefited more from the exposure to Matty B’s music video. She also got into controversy as some pedophiles posed as her on social media to lure young children.

Madison Haschak
Madison Haschak with her friends VIa Instagram

What is Madison Haschak boyfriend name?

When she used to work with Matty B, it seems that her name was dragged along with it. Different rumors speculated, asking did Matty B and Madison Haschak date each other? Nevertheless, the answer was pretty obvious they didn’t date each other and were good friends only.

It is because, as of 2022, she is dating an American on YouTube named Jonathan Fuller. Jonathan Fuller Madison Haschak has been dating for over two years now. They have a very strong bond which each other, and they both seem to love each other’s company. Hence, next time someone asks about Madison Haschak’s boyfriend’s name, you know what to tell them.

What is Madison Haschak Instagram account?

Like her sister, she likes to use Instagram to promote herself and her content. She also gives a sneak peek of her private life to the audience through her Instagram. However, she is more of a dog person on Instagram. You can see her photos on her Instagram, whereas, on Tiktok, you can see all about her different content. Nevertheless, if you want to follow her on social media, it is under the username @madison_haschak.

Madison Haschak
Madison Haschak with her Boyfriend Via Instagram

What is Madison Haschak networth?

Among her sister, she is the oldest and the most popular one. Hence it is pretty obvious that she makes more money than her siblings. Our primary source of income is through acting and other music video appearances. Her secondary source of income is Tiktok advertisement and product promotion.

Since she is a huge media influencer, different brands reach out to her to promote their product for certain money. If we Add all of her income sources, it seems that she might as well earn around $1.5 million as of 2022. However, these numbers seem pretty high for her. The numbers will only get bigger in the future. 

Does Madison Haschak have cancer?

In her assumptions video on her YouTube channel. She made a video where her fan assumed that she might as well have cancer. However, the rumor is false, and she does not have cancer. The only detail we know about her having cancer is that her Zodiac sign is cancer. She is around 5 feet and 7 inches tall, along with a bodyweight of 55 kilograms. 

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