Logan Rozos is a rising American trans-black actor and activist. He is famous for his singe work on a popular gay friendship-based television series. He is a trans person and often posts about the different activities. Since there is very little information regarding the actor, People are eager to know more about him. As of now, he has shared very little about himself with the media, but we have dug deeper to find the information related to him.

As of 2022, he is not anticipated to work on any television series. Maybe because he might be focusing more on his personal life than his professional one. Nevertheless, Logan’s fans are dying to know more about the young actor since he worked on his debut feature. Unfortunately, due to less information, there are a lot of speculations and rumors. However, we will answer all of them through his biography!

Quick Facts
Full NameLogan Rozos
Date of BirthUnknown
RelationshipSamuel Ahn(Rumored)
Net worth$440k
Height5 feet and 7 inches
Weight60-75 kgs
Zodiac SignUnknown
Hair ColorBrown
Eye colorBrown
Logan Rozos
Logan Rozos side poses with earrings.

What is the age of Logan Rozos?

Logan Rozos has not shared anything about his birthdate and his birthplace. It seems that he is keeping this up to protect his privacy. Nevertheless, he is from America, so his nationality is American. He writes about black trans actors and artists in his insta bio. So, we can conclude his ethnicity as African American. Unfortunately, we cannot validate them properly since we don’t have any info regarding his parents and siblings.

Where did Logan study?

Just like the details about his private life, he has not shared any details about his academic expertise either. From his look, it seems that he is around the age of 20 years old, and as per his posts and actions. He might be studying public welfare at a certain university in America. Due to lack of information, we cannot pinpoint any addresses, but he took the acting class before working on his debut feature.

What is the popular movie of Logan?

Logan Rozos is famous for a television series rather than his movie. Matter of fact, he has yet to appear in any movies as of 2022. His popular feature was in David Makes a man television series. The series came out in 2019, and he acted as the Star Child in the television series. His acting was so iconic that he was featured in over 7 episodes. This being the first feature of his life, Logan Rozos is still eager to work on newer projects.

Logan Rozos
Logan Rozos Podcast Cover Via Instagram

Is Logan Rozos gay?

He is gay, and he is proud of his sexuality. We don’t know when he came out as gay, but he seems open about it. Though he usually never shares anything private through his Instagram. It seems that he is in a relationship with Samuel Ahn. Both of them have neither denied having accepted the claims, but it seems like they both are dating as of 2022.

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Does Logan Rozos use scoal media?

He uses social media to share his past life. His documentary about sexual assault on trans people and celebrities is attached in his bio. He uses his social media platform to make aware of the people following him about the life of a black trans person. Moreover, if you want to know more about the life of Logan Rozos, You can always follow him at @loganrozos. He usually shares his adventures and different activities.

Logan Rozos
Logan Rozos in his Instagram Video Via Instagram

What is the net worth of Logan Rozos?

His net worth is nearly non existing on the internet. Due to the lack of exposure, media outlets are unsure about his net worth. As a result, they don’t know how much the young black actor makes as of 2022. Similarly, we don’t know how much he makes, but we can calculate his average net worth by assuming his salary per feature since he has only done seven episodes of one television show.

The channel usually provides at least 5k to every artist they feature in their television series. However, Logan Rozos was featured for over 7 episodes. So, he has earned well from his feature. It turns out Logan Rozos is making around 12k per month with his feature and his royalties; though we don’t know about his other income sources, We believe he makes around 80k as his net worth every year.

What is the height of Logan Rozos?

He is rather smaller in height. If you observe his pictures on Instagram, you will see that Logan is rather short in his real-life than on movie screens. Though we don’t have an accurate measurement, it seems that he is around 5 feet and 7 inches tall with a weight of around 60-75kgs. He has Brown eyes and hair from his ethnicity. However, we don’t know about his zodiac sign.

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