At times, fame and attention manage to get into people’s lives in ways that they can’t seem to control.  One of such ways is family lineage. Jovan Arriaga found out how the limelight chases people who are near and dear to huge public figures. In October 2020, Billboard Magazine named Selena Quintanilla the “Greatest Female Latin Artist of All Time.” Jovan Arriaga is the nephew of Selena Quintanilla. His mother, Suzette Quintanilla herself, is a respected musician.

Recently social media users have piqued their interest in the life of Jovan Arriaga. Many onlookers can’t seem to resist finding similarities between Jovan and her late aunt. So, today we will look closer into the low-profiled life of Jovan Arriaga.

Quick Facts
NameJovan Arriaga Lopez
BirthdateMarch 5, 1998
ParentsSuzette Quintanilla and Bill Arriaga
Height5ft 10 in
Relation statusIn relation with Morgan Smith
Net Worth$ 1 million to $ 2 million

Early Life

Jovan Arriaga was born on March 5th, 1998. He is the only child of father Bill Arriaga and mother Suzette Quintanilla. He has a mixed heritage as his grandmother, Marcella Samora, was half Mexican and half Cherokee descendant, while his grandfather was Mexican American.

The shy and reserved Jovan got a very stable family environment during his younger years. His parents were married in 1993 and have been happily married ever since. They have always managed to keep the young Jovan from unnecessary attention.

Mother Suzette Quintanilla

Jovan Arriaga’s mother is also an accomplished musician. She plays many musical instruments but is most notably known for her skills in drums and percussion. After the tragic murder of her sister, Suzette dedicated her life to protecting her legacy.

She currently is an actress and also looks after the Selena Museum. The industrious Suzette is also the CEO of Q Productions, a record label company their family runs. Additionally, she also works closely with makeup company M.A.C for the production of their Selena collection.

She met Bill Arriaga during the band Selena y Los Dinos and married him in a personal ceremony in 1993. Bill Arriaga maintains a low profile on social media.


Not much is known about where he attended his early educational years, as he keeps a low profile. But one thing constantly pops out no matter where you look: Jovan was an outstanding baseball player. In fact, he was so good that he got the opportunity to play for his high school for four years.

Jovan was also quite good in academics. In May of 2017, he graduated with honors from his High School. After that, he joined the University of Texas, where he studied Engineering.

A Family Full of Stars

Jovan Arriaga was born into the Quintanilla family after the heydays of their music career came to an abrupt end. But fame and attention aren’t easy things to get rid of. His family is full of public figures who have made a huge mark on Latin music.

His grandfather Abraham Quintanilla founded the band “Selena y Los Dinos” with his children. Jovan’s Uncle Abraham Quintanilla III played the bass guitar while his mother Suzette played drums, percussion, and back vocals.

The brightest star of them all was Selena Quintanilla, the lead vocalist. She captured the imagination of Latin and American fans and was dubbed “The Queen of Tejano music.” Later, Jovan’s uncle, A.B Quintanilla, became a quite successful record producer and songwriter.

The resemblance with Selena Quintanilla

The interest in Jovan Arriaga started when his pictures appeared on Social Media, and people immediately started drawing physical resemblances with his aunt Selena. Many say that he has the same smile as his aunt. After the tragic death of Selena, Jovan serves as an anchor to the boat if nostalgia for fans of Tejano music.

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Relationship Status

Jovan Arriaga, who is 23 years old right now, has nothing to hide from the public eye regarding his relationship status. He has a girlfriend whose name is Mallory Smith. The couple quite frequently post pictures of each other on social media.

Mallory Smith is also from Corpus Christi, Texas and currently works as a second-grade teacher in the School of Science and Technology in her hometown. She is a year younger than Jovan. They met during their University days as both of them attended Texas A&M University.

The couple has no problem flaunting their relationship on social media as they regularly post photos of each other. In addition, red-haired beauty Mallory Smith is very active on Instagram under @mallabooo and on Facebook with her original name.

This young couple has been dating for a few years now. Their families, too, know about their relationship as Jovan’s cousins constantly interact with Mallory on social media. The gorgeous couple also post photos from their vacation and night outs frequently.

Social Media

Jovan isn’t a very public person and not that active on social media. Maybe this resulted from growing up in a family full of public figures and keeping his life away from prying eyes.

However, he is active on Instagram under @jovanarriaga. He has 18k followers and posts photos of his friends and his girlfriend regularly. You can also catch a glimpse of his mother from time to time.

Net Worth

Let’s get one thing out of the way: the family fortune of the Quintanilla family is a very guarded and legal matter. In the past years, there have been multiple legal battles fought between the Quintanilla family and Selena’s widower, Chris Perez.

Selena y Los Dinos was quite a hit band that garnered love and appreciation and a lot of money in their days of peak glory. They were led by the quickly rising Selena Quintanilla herself, who toured, collaborated with makeup brands, and had a chain of successful salons.

After her death, her biopic hit the silver screen with Jenifer Lopez playing Selena and Suzette as the executive producer. With all the deals and record labels, they surely do have a considerable fortune.

Jovan’s family is estimated to be worth around $5 million.


Jovan chose the way of taking the traditional education instead of getting into show business. He graduated from Texas A&M University in Engineering. He currently works as Hydraulic Engineer. As a fresh graduate, we can estimate that he earns around $60,000 to $70,000 a year. In total, his net worth is around $1 million to $ 2 million.

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