John Megna was a popular American celebrity and media enthusiast. His work surrounds different television series and movies of the 90s era. His acting and persona were huge inspirations for many of his students. If you know Dill, from the movie, To Kill a Mockingbird, you might know him.

Today, we are not going to talk about his film career or what so ever. Instead, we will learn if John Megna Married someone in his lifetime. Did he have any partners with him till he died a painful death in his death bed? We are all going to learn about that in our today’s takeaway!

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John Megna Married
John Megna To kill a mocking Bird Via IMDB

However, before moving forward, let us take a brief look at his life and learn who he was. Born on November 9, 1952, John Megna was the son of American Pharmacist Ralph W Megna and club singer mother, Eleanor McGinley. Being born in a not-so-wealthy family, he constantly struggled to make the best of his life.

Even though he was doing all good in his life, his world shattered apart when he was diagnosed with AIDS. AIDS certainly shortened his life span, and he died on September 4, 1995. He was some of the few celebs who were open about their sexuality and told everyone that he was gay! Though he was gay? Who was his partner? Let us find out?

Had John Megna Married someone before his death?

As we explained, John Megna were some of the few celebrities who were pretty open about their sexuality to media. He expressed his love for men and said that he was gay. Due to this remark, he often tried to avoid the media who came to him with the news of marriage.

Before he was diagnosed with AIDS, he worked 24/7 as a hard-working actor and production member in different movies. So, during the age of 24 or 25, he never thought of getting married in the first place. He was so busy with is work and future endeavors that he completely forgot about it. Finally, when he was around 30- 35, he decided to get engaged to a guy, but that didn’t turn out well.

John Megna Married
John Megna in dill the movie Via Medium

Before their engagement, John Megna did a full body check-up. He did so because he had been feeling very sick for quite some time. Afterward, when the result came in, he became shocked. Not only him but the whole family was shocked by knowing that he was diagnosed with AIDS. After that disease, he decided to leave his decision of marrying someone and stayed single till he passed away due to the same disease.

John Was Into his Profession, not a person

John Megna Married
John Megna Lost but not forgotten Via Find a Grave

He was a very optimistic and rightful person. He opened numerous charity-based theatre schools under his name. John even taught numerous schools about his work in the film industry. Though he was battling with his life, he made sure to give everyone a positive smile.

John ensured that he influenced everyone around him through his work but not his body. Unfortunately, we all know that he has passed away but if you know him, we want you to smile while pursuing your dreams because he would have done the same thing.

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