Jill Tavelman Spouse, Phil Collins is a popular name in the entertainment industry. Moreover, she also grabbed the media’s attention after her name became linked with Collins. He is a famous English drummer, singer, record producer, songwriter, and actor. Talking more, Jill is a known American personality who is an actress, television personality, and architect.

Over the years, Jill has received immense fame and name from her career and her name being linked with Phill. Moreover, her audience shows eagerness to learn more about her personal life affairs with Collins. So let’s discuss who is Jill Tavelman spouse and her overall relationship with Phil Collins.

Who is Jill Tavelman Spouse and Her Relationship With Her Spouse?

Jill Tavelman is a divorcee who is currently single. She previously married Philip David Charles Collins, better known as Phil Collins. They tied a knot on 4 August 1984. This was Phil’s second marriage. He previously married Canadian-born Andrea Bertorelli.

Talking more about Collins, he is a known name in the industry famous for his band Genesis where he served as a singer and drummer. Moreover, he has also received immense success from his solo career and has won various prestigious awards like Golden Globe Awards, Academy Awards, MTV Video Music Awards, and many others.

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Do Jill and Philp Have Kids?

Following their wedding, the couple gave birth to a beautiful daughter Lily Jane Collins on 18 March 1989. Furthermore, Lily was just five years old when her parents parted ways which deeply affected her childhood. Lily is also a famous British-American actress. She has worked alongside renowned actors in the industry. Likewise, she is notable for her acting credits in ‘Emily in Paris,’ ‘Rules Don’t Apply,’ ‘Evil Dead,’ and many more.

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Is Jill Tavelman and Phil Collins Still Together?

No, Jill and Phil have broken their marital relationship and have parted ways. The couple divorced after living together for twelve years in 1994. Jill and Phil always had an up and down in their relationship, which eventually brought them into a divorce. The couple didn’t have mutual feelings and understanding, which became the main reason for their separation. In addition, Collins also paid £17 million to Jill Travelman as a part of the divorce settlement.

Following their separation, Jill became single and has not been married to date. However, Phill Collins married his third wife, a Swiss citizen Orianne Cevey in 1999, with whom he has two sons, Nicholas and Matthew. However, their marriage also didn’t last long, and they also split in 2006.

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