James Taylor Spouse and information about them always create a big buzz in media. Does he have three former spouses? The answer is a very reasonable yes or no. We will find it out in the session below. The American singer and songwriters are some of the most successful musicians. The six-time Grammy winner is even more famous for having three long marriages. The news might be a speculation, or it might not be. Born in Boston, Massachusetts, he is the king of romance. And the benchmark he has set in the platform of love is also exemplary.

The 73 years old musician might have a kid from at least a wife. If he has three spouses, he must have at least a kid. The best-selling music artist of all time was once the heartthrob seen with multiple women. Taylor was often seen with different women every other week in his 20’s. At least to say, his 50’s also went similarly but not weekly as earlier. Also, there is an answer to if he is finally out of that circle. However, we present a filtered verification below, clearing every rumor and speculation.

Does James Taylor Have 3 Spouses?

So, here begins the actual curiosity. Yes, James Taylor Spouse is three. Even clear to say is, he has had three spouses. The musician has two former wives and is currently stuck with his third wife. From the early 70’s James stepped into marriage and did not stop till the early 2000s. One woman to another for wedding and different love affairs in between are some pinnacles of Finally, in his 60’s he found the love of his life and has stayed in the marital knot ever since. Moreover, it is safe to say that James has had three spouses.

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Who Are His Former Spouses?

The music icon has two former spouses. Both of his wives were the face in the industry. None of his relationships were hidden either. From dating to weddings and divorce, everything was public. He exchanged his first-ever marital vows with American singer Carly Simson. The duo was a sight to see as both being musicians created the magic of a marriage. After dating for some years, they walked down the aisle in 1972. However, they ended the wedding on mutual terms after a beautiful decade together.

After the divorce, James dated American theatre actress Kathryn Walker for a year. Soon after they started dating, James went down on a knee. And Kathryn said Yes to it. So in December of 1885, James and Kathryn tied the knot. The couple attended many award functions and music releases together. But things started going downhill slowly after a decade of blissful partnership. It was December 14 that they tied the knot, and in 1995, the couple sadly parted ways.

Who Is James Taylor Spouse Currently?

James Taylor, the man of having decade-long two marriages, is now the husband to one beautiful woman. Soon after getting the divorce from his second wife, James found love in Caroline Smedvig. Taylor did not take any risk and dated for five years before popping the question to the former director. The beautiful couple sealed the deal in 2001. (newslive.com) They have been man and wife for two long decades now. Thus, they are living in Lenox, Massachusetts, together now. Moreover, this lovely couple has also shared and celebrated marriage anniversaries.

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How Many Kids Does James Taylor Have?

Having had three wives to date, James does have children too. The musician is the father of four exceptional children. He has two kids from his first wife, namely; Sally Taylor (January 7, 1974) and Ben Taylor (January 22, 1977). Both of his kids are into music as they have taken after his footsteps. James does not have any kids with his second wife. And lastly, from his current wife, he has two sons. The couple welcomed their twins, Rufus and Henry, via surrogacy in April 2001.

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