Jentzen Ramirez is a new-generation star who has made movies and has a huge fan following through his social media platforms. He is active and has paved his path for a successful career. He belongs to a pretty rich background and has lived his resourceful childhood.

Jentzen is quite expressive. He loves to do crazy challenges and stuff and shoots video and posts it on youtube and other social media platforms. Moreover, he has been trained in martial arts and has excellent acting skills. Also, he has won many awards for his works in the movies.

Quick Facts
Full NameJentzen Ramirez
Age 16
Date Of BirthAugust 8, 2006
FatherNelson Ramirez
Relationship StatusDating
GirlfriendElliana Walmsley
Height5 feet 4 inches
Weight55 kg
Net Worth$1 M
Jentzen Ramirez
Jentzen Posing for his Instagram Photo 

How old is Jentzen Ramirez?

Jentzen Ramirez brought happiness for the first time when he was born on August 8, 2006. According to his birthday, his age is 16 years. He landed his early steps in Austin, Texas, U.S.A. His father is Nelson Ramirez, and the information about his mom is not revealed to the media. He is his school-age and has been to a local school. Apart from his education, he got to work for many movies and T.V. shows which helped him build his career.

How Jentzen Builds Her Career?

Jentz is in the verse of building his career. He chose to be a celebrity through video platforms like youtube and through movies and T.V. shows. He has worked in films and T.V. shows. Moreover, he has won many awards for being the best young actor. Furthermore, he has a youtube channel where he does crazy stuff and has more than 2 million followers.

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What movies is Jentzen Ramirez In?

Jentzen has incredible acting skills and has learned acrobatics. He is a young actor and has worked in numerous movies. Some of the films in which Jentzen is the cast are The Lurking Man, Thoughts and Prayers, Adam Ruins Everything, etc. He is young and famous. So we will update you as he signs on for any movies.

Where does Jentzen Ramirez Live?

Jentzen, an actor, travels around the world to shoot and promote his movies and T.V. shows. So, knowing about his actual residence. He lives with his parents, where he was born. As stated earlier, he was born in Austin, Texas, U.S.A., living there with his parents and his sister.

Jentzen Ramirez
The Lurking Man Actor Jentzen

Who is Jentzen Ramirez dating?

Jentzen is now dating Elliana Walmsley. Elliana is an actress, dancer, and model by her profession. They upload their picture together and look cute young couple. He has also brought her to many of her youtube videos too. They are happy together now and dream of having a beautiful future together.

Who is Jentzen Ramirez crush?

Jentzen, a YouTuber, has many prank and challenge videos with his girlfriend, friends, etc. In the same way, he reveals his crush and does some crazy challenges. He did it with his ex-girlfriend named, Sophie Fergi. Yes, he has been in a relationship with his passion, but unfortunately, he broke up.

Does Jentzen have an Instagram?

Jentzen is on Instagram as @jentzenramirez. He has nearly 1.2M followers on his Instagram. He posts many professionally shot photographs. Also, Jentzen is active and posts frequently and has thousands of likes on his every post. Moreover, he has good moral character and has never been part of controversies.

What is Jentzen Ramirez Net Worth?

Jentzen Ramirez has worked for many movies, and T.V. shows since he was very young. Moreover, he has nearly millions of subscribers on his youtube and earns through AdSense and brand promotion. So, he has been able to make his worth millions. His net worth is nearly $1 M. He wears products from luxurious brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Armani, etc.

Jentzenn Ramirez
American Actor Jentzen

How tall is Jentzen Ramirez?

Jensen stands at the height of about 5 feet 4 inches and weighs about 55 kg. He has a strong jawline and a chiseled face shape. Moreover, his teeth are in proper alignment, which makes his smile even more beautiful. Jentzen has black hair color and a bright skin tone. Also, he has an aesthetic body as he hits the gym regularly.

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