Australian actor Jayr Tinaco is an aspiring actor from the Netflix series “Another Life.” Tinaco has appeared in many short films like The Life Again, Showboy, Wake, etc. Born in Sydney, Australia, Tinaco is a Capricorn. Yes, Tinaco is non-binary, and he prefers pronouns, he/they. The 32-years-old actor is of Filipino- Australian ethnicity and follows Christianity. Always been into rumors if Jayr Tinaco is Transgender, now let’s dig into the topic.

Having appeared in several series and shows, his sexual orientation has always been a curiosity. He wears short brown hair with light brown eyes and stands five ft. 7 inches tall. He is a frequent traveler and an active member of the LGBTQ+ community. Furthermore, he has also appeared on many judging panels.

Who is Jayr Tinaco dating at present?

There have been many rumors about Tinaco dating an actor but he has strongly denied such rumors. Tinaco is solely focusing on his career at the moment and has not disclosed his relationship status vividly. But it is safe to say he has indirectly darted to be single when asked.

His sexual preferences are not put out in the public eye, but there is speculation that he is into guys. At the same time, there was some misguided news of Jayr Tinaco dating artist Victoria Morgan. It was vehemently denied by Tinaco, and also asked never to associate him with any female later on. Tinaco and Morgan are indeed excellent friends. Well, Jayr Tinaco is single at the moment.

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Is Jayr Tinaco Transgender?

Times and again, Tinaco has made is clear he is non-binary and out of the closet as transgender. From his jaw-dropping makeup to flawless fashion, he has always given statement looks and made it clear. He has been a strong advocate of the LGBTQ+ community and raised his voice for it multiple times. Although he has dropped clear hints of being transgender, he has not entirely disclosed it yet of being a transgender.

If Jayr Tinaco is transgender or not is a frequent curiosity. While Tinaco has not publicly accepted being transgender, he has wholeheartedly made it official that he is non-binary. His makeup preferences and fashion sense have also added to his being transgender.

What are Jayr Tinaco’s sexual orientation?

Fearless and out of the closet, Jayr Tinaco prefers the pronouns he/they. He was once out and about with an American actor. A slight hint is that he is into guys, although it is not disclosed by the patron himself. It happens to be just a dart in the air. Tinaco has been out of the closet and flaunted his sexuality with no discomfort, but surprisingly he has kept his sexual orientation private.

Since he has not confirmed his love preference yet, all we could do is judge a book by its cover. Through his social media posts and captions, what we can say is JayR Tinaco might be into men. This is also a hit made in the dark because it is all he has provided for now.

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