Is Sammi Haney still alive or not? It is a topic of interest to many audiences after she stole the limelight with her amazing work in the Netflix series Raising Dion. On the Netflix series Raising Dion, Sammi Haney portrays Esperanza, a sassy wheelchair user who is Dion’s best friend. The second season of this series was out on Netflix on February 2022 and is still in the hype. Sammi, however, did a very good job in the series, even by sitting and walking around in a wheelchair.

Looking at Sammi in a wheelchair, audiences are very concerned about her health and have many questions. Some audiences are even concerned because she looks underweight. She is wearing pink glasses on and off the screen, which has raised many questions for many audiences. Stick to this article to learn more about Sammi, her health conditions, and whether she is alive or not.

Who Are Sammi Haney Parents? Do They Support Her Disability?

Sammi Haney Still Alive
Sammi, with her pink glasses

What disease does Sammi Haney have?

Sammi Haney is a very famous child actor who was born in 2010. Sammi Haney is a very famous child actor who was born in 2010. Haney was born with Osteogenesis Imperfecta type 3, an uncommon condition. As a result, her bones were not working when she was born.

The girl’s parents, Priscilla and Matt Haney raised her with love, care, and support. They were the ones who actually had the biggest influence on Sammi’s upbringing. They never ignored the trouble Sammi was going through and always supported her.

Sammi Haney Still Alive
Sammi on the set of Raising Dion

Sammi has experienced discrimination and feelings of being different from others since she was a little child due to birth defects. But because of her parents’ assistance, the girl was never alone. She currently has millions of supporters and more than 67.9K followers on Instagram.

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Is Sammi Haney Still Alive?

Sammi Haney is just 12 years old as of 2022 and is already reaching heights. Despite her birth defect, she has been doing a really good job and has already accepted it as a part of her life. She has been acting in roles even while in a wheelchair. She has been coping with the defect very well and is using it as one of her capabilities.

In addition, She is still alive and owns her birth defect. Her parents are extremely proud of her as she is reaching new heights. Therefore Her parents are extremely proud of her as she is reaching new heights.

Is Sammi Haney Still Alive? What Disease Does She Have?

Sammi Haney Still Alive
Sammi with an award

Sammi has been nominated for the first Children’s & Family Emmys (CAFE), a brand-new category added to the Emmys on its own. She was nominated for Outstanding Younger Performer in a Preschool, Children’s, or Young Teen Program for her performance as Esperanza. Regarding the Emmy nomination, Sammi said, “I hope that it shows people with disabilities that they can act and that they will be recognized for their work.”

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