As Esperanza, a sassy girl who used a wheelchair on Netflix’s Raising DionSammi Haney collected a lot of respect and love for her fantastic role portrayal from her fans. She has also started to sell disability shirts, establishing her own t-shirt company that aims to provide themed apparel for disabled people.

Born with an imperfect body, Sammi has suffered discrimination and feelings of difference from others since childhood. However, with the support of her parents, the girl never found herself standing alone. She has more than 46.2K followers on her Instagram account today and millions of supporters. Let’s learn more about her inspiring story from the biography below:

Quick Facts
NameSammi Haney
Birth25th August 2010
Age14 Years
ParentsMatt Haney and Priscilla Haney
SiblingsJohn Haney and Sarah Haney
Net Worth$3 Millions
HeightUnder Review
weightUnder Review

What is Sammi Haney Age?

Sammi Haney was born on August 25, 2010, somewhere in the United States of America. Her current age is 14 years, and she holds an American nationality, whereas her ethnicity is unknown. Little Haney was born with the rare disease Osteogenesis Imperfecta type 3. This results in her bones already being fractured and unusable after her birth.

The girl was raised as a disabled child by her biological parents, Matt Haney and Priscilla Haney, with all love, care, and support. They were the actual ones who played the most important role in Sammi’s upbringing. Moreover, they also took care of her quality of life, ignoring her disability.

What is Sammi Academic Qualification?

Sammi is just a 14-year-old talented and humble girl. Her parents reveal no exact information about her education. However, she must have been homeschooled and is currently completing her education at home.

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How Sammi Haney Rise to Popularity?

Sammi has a highly motivated and independent mentality. She changed her disability curse into a boon by giving an audition and selecting for Netflix’s Raising Dion. She appeared as Esperanza (Dion’s Best friend) in Raising Dion. Similarly, her father, Matt, also supported her throughout the episode, appearing as her father. She also appeared on The Ellen Show in 2019, where she talked about her experiences and difficulties working in The Raising Dion.

Furthermore, Sammi launched her own T-shirt company under the name DisabilityShirts. She made this available for people with disabilities with her parents. One can also browse through her official website and use her featured discount code to get discounts on every purchase. Moreover, Haney’s father is also her online clothing shop designer.

Can Sammi Haney Walk?

Sammi is a patient with type 3 severe osteogenesis, the most severe form of brittle bone disease. She was born with 19 detectable bone fractures, and her surgeries started when she turned 2. Moreover, she has to visit doctors and surgeons every year to implant rods into her arms and legs.

Is Sammi Haney Still Alive? What Disease Does She Have?

The little Sammi is still vulnerable, and even when she sneezes, she has to feel an enormous amount of pain in her body. Her mother is the prominent superhero in her life. She homeschooled her along with her sister Sarah and brother John. Due to her disability, Sammi uses a wheelchair and cannot walk.

Is Sammi Dead or Alive?

Sammi Haney is a 14-year-old disabled child. She is alive and trying to improve her and her parents’ lives. A rumor regarding her obituary spread throughout social media, making her fans worried about her. So, our sources found the roots and concluded that Sammi is still alive and currently living a decent life with her parents and siblings in the USA.

Is Sammi Active on Intstagram?

Sammi is quite active on social media. Even though her parents handle her social accounts, she has gained over 3K followers on Twitter (@SammiHaneySassy’. Likewise, on Instagram, ‘@sammi.haney’, she has around 46.2K followers, and on Facebook, ‘@Sammi Haney’s’, the girl has over 3.6K followers. Besides, Haney is also active on YouTube, with ‘@Sammi Haney’ having 27.8K subscribers.

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What is Sammi Haney Net Worth?

Now talking about Sammi’s earnings and income, she makes a decent amount of money from her clothing brand and TV show. Based on different online sources and data, Sammi Haney has accumulated a net worth of $60 million as of 2024. She also makes thousands of dollars from her disability shirt online shopping store.

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