Ezekiel Cavoli played the role of Lee Abbott & Evelyn Abbott’s newborn. Even though there is not much information available for kids on the internet, we have gathered as much information as possible to let you know more about the age, lifestyle, and other peculiar things about our BabyAbbot.

“A Quiet Place” was one of the movies directed by John Krasinski himself and the movie has over 95% rotten tomatoes score. Certainly, both infants were twins, and the movie “A quiet place” was the first movie that ever featured those two. One of the other twin sisters’ names is Evangelina Cavoli, also featured as the newborn in the film.

Quick Facts
Full NameEzekiel Cavoli
Age4 Years
Birthdate 12, July, 2017
SiblingEvangelina Cavoli(Twin)
Movie PlayedA Quiet Place
Parents NameNot revealed
Ethnicity White
Net Worth between 20k to 30k
Ezekiel Cavoli
Ezekiel Cavoli Cute picture via. Instagram

Who are the Birth Parents of Ezekiel and Evangelina Cavoli?

The names of the twin’s parents are not public. However, you can see their mom and dad on Instagram. They are proud of their infant’s first movie appearance at such a little age. Moreover, their parents have also even given their Instagram handle name “Baby Abbott” to remember their movie character’s parents.

What is Ezekiel Cavoli Age?

Evangelina Cavoli and Ezekiel Cavoli are both four years old from their Instagram handle. They will turn 5 in July of 2022, where July is their birth month.

What is the Education Qualification of Ezekiel?

Ezekiel is currently a kindergarten child. He is studying at a Montessori school in Albany, New York. There further details about his study are not yet revealed.

You Might Want To Know About Evangelina Cavoli

Did Both Twins Play the Movie, A Quiet Place?

John Krasinski and Emily Blunt played as father and mother to their five children in the movie. Millicent Simmonds, who played her role as the oldest daughter, Noah Jupe as the oldest son, Cade Woodward as the youngest son, Evangelina Cavoli, and Ezekiel Cavoli (twins) played as their newborns. The movie became released in 2018 and received the Critics’ Choice Movie Award for Best Sci-Fi/Horror Movie 2019.

Ezekiel Cavoli
Ezekiel and his twins Evangelina Cavoli via. Instagram.

Are Ezekiel Cavoli and John Krasinski the Same Person?

Both characters are entirely different in the real world and the movie. John Krasinski played the father of newborn twin Ezekiel Cavoli in A Quiet Place. If you search Ezekiel on google, it shows John Krasinski’s picture. But the newborn is entirely different and not related to John Krasinski in real life.

The picture is used by Google as the only form of identification for the newborn as there are not enough pictures that identify the newborn at the time of the movie release. However, we hope you’ve got the proper glimpse of Ezekiel at the age of four on our website.

Who Directed ‘A Quiet Place’ Movie?

John Krasinski directed the movie ‘A Quiet Place.’ This is his third directed movie. Surprisingly, he won four awards and several nominees for A Quiet Place. The film did so well that he even led the sequel named A quiet place part II. Previously he directed two movies, “Brief Interviews with Hideous Men” and “The Hollars,” respectively.

What are Ezekiel Cavloi Upcoming Movies/Projects?

Both twins are living their best life learning and playing. We are unsure if they have any projects or movies in their schedule because their parents seem to be keeping both infants away from media for the child’s proper mental and physical growth. However, we hope you follow their Instagram handle if you want to know more about Ezekiel Cavoli and Evangelina Cavoli’s life and upcoming projects.

Ezekiel Cavoli and Evangeline Cavoli Parents
Ezekiel Cavoli and Evangeline Cavoli Parents via. Instagram

Is Cavoli Socially Active?

Among all the other accounts, Ezekiel is most active on Instagram. You can follow their Instagram handle (@babyabbott_aqp), which their parents maintain, where you see their adorable pictures and other information. You can even see their upcoming projects.

What is Ezekiel Cavoli Net Worth?

The total earning of the movie ‘A Quiet Place’ in the USA was $85 Million. Worldwide it managed to bank over $150 Million. The family of Ezekiel was paid around $30 Million on an opening day. Moreover, by calculating the internet data, the net worth of the child actor Ezekiel Cavoli is supposed to be around 20k-30k.

What is the Height of Ezekiel Cavoli?

As Ezekiel age around four and a half, their height is approximately 42.5 inches, about 107.9 cm. If you wonder what Ezekiel Cavoli’s height was during the movie, it’s around 50 cm, typically the newborn’s normal height. You can see the newborn’s actual size when they are in the hand of John Krasinski and Emily Blunt in the movie “A Quiet Place.”

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