Chris Potoski is a very common name in the business sector, and his successful career is a lesson to be learned by every individual reading this article today. He started his journey in early 2004, and his current business will be worth millions of dollars in 2024. Chris Potoski’s daughter has been the subject of rumors because of her parents. Now, let’s learn about this news.

Currently, the man is the CEO and founder of two multi-million-dollar companies, Tracey Jordan and TJC Assets Management. He established a powerful position in the United States of America market. However, he joined these businesses, quitting the adult film industry in the 2000s. The man has connected with the industry for making adult films, and due to this, he has faced extreme trauma too.

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After intense therapy and suggestions from health professionals, Chris left that profession. However, he cannot do this without the love and support of his wife. So how are Chris Potoski and his wife doing nowadays? Let’s find out here.

How is Chris’s marriage life going?

The ideal man and the strong pillar of the American business market, Chris Potoski, is married. He tied the knot with his girlfriend-turned-wife, Tracey Lynn, aka Brandi Love, in 1995. His current wife, Brandi, was previously an adult film superstar. As a result, their marriage leads the successful businessman to extreme recognition and trolls. But there is always sacrifice and acceptance when there is love.

Brandi is a Central Michigan University graduate. He came to know about his wife when she was one of the star adult movie actresses. As a result, they gradually began dating. The gorgeous pair dated for a while and spent some memorable days together before exchanging the marital promise of lifelong togetherness on February 10, 1995.

However, due to the past life of Brandi, she agreed to keep her marriage life details and ceremonies private. As of 2024, Chris Potoski’s wife is also her husband’s business partner, and they have spent over two decades together.

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Who is Chris’s Daughter?

As there is a saying, “A family is incomplete without having children.” Chris and Brandi gave birth to a beautiful daughter named Jesse Lauriston Livermore in 2003. However, Brandi’s family opposed it and filed a case with the Child Protection Service for putting Jesse in childcare when she was just nine years old. Unfortunately, she has found herself walking in the same path as her mother, Brandi, who had worked before.

But her father won the legal battle against childcare, as Chris Potoski’s daughter found no wrongdoings. Currently, no rumors or controversies have been revealed regarding her personal life. As far as we know, Chris and his wife and daughter reside in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA.

There is also no information regarding Jesse’s profession at present. However, Potoski’s wife continued her profession in the adult film industry even after their marriage.

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