Chibuikem Uche is an American actor popular for his recent roles in the television show One of Us is Lying. Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Uche moved to London when he was eight years with his parents. Along the way to becoming an actor, he faced many challenges and controversies, such as ‘Chibuikem Uche Gay,’ ‘Who is Uche’s Partner?’ and more.

Chibuikem Uche was born in the United States on 19th Feb 2000 and grew up in a Nigerian immigrant family. He had a passion for acting from a young age and would often put on plays for his family. In 2008, he decided to pursue his dream of becoming an actor and moved to London.

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Chibuikem Uche Gay
American actor Chibuikem Uche Via. Gettyimages

Finally, after many ups and downs in his career, Chibuikem landed his first role in the TV show American Housewife, where he played the character of Andre. He also starred in the film The Tomorrow War as Lt. Ikemba, and One of Us Is Lying as Cooper Clay. This is where the rumors of Uche’s being gay started taking over the internet and are still on the top list of trending topics. So, let’s explore the actual facts & truth of the American Housewife’s personal life here.

Is Chibuikem Uche Gay?

Chibuikem Uche, the actor who plays Cooper Clay in the recent popular TV show ‘One of Us is Lying,’ has not mentioned his sexual orientation publicly. However, it is not uncommon for actors to keep their personal lives private, especially when it comes to matters of sexual orientation.

Chibuikem Uche Gay
Uche as Cooper Clay in One of Us is Lying Via. Gettyimages

In the show, Chibuikem Uche has portrayed a gay character who has secretly dated an underwear model named Kris. However, this does not necessarily reflect the actor’s real-life sexual orientation. Cooper Clay may be gay or bisexual, but there is no confirmation from the actor himself.

One of Us is Lying is a mystery series that follows the lives of five high school students. They are accused of murder after a classmate dies in detention. Chibuikem Uche is one of the five students and is known for being the school’s star athlete. In the series, he appears popular and confident but also hides a secret that could jeopardize his future.

Who is Chibuikem Real-Life Partner?

Cooper Clay is a fictional character of One of Us is Lying. But despite not being openly gay, Chibuikem Uche is a well-rounded and complex character in One of Us is Lying. However, the actor has a personal life excluded from the professional—that one life where he has to focus on making friends, girlfriend, and even marriage.

Chibuikem Uche Gay
Chibuikem Uche with actress Annalisa Cochrane Via. Gettyimages

He is a talented actor with a lot of potential. After playing a secretive gay role in One of Us is Lying, Uche has been rumor of dating his co-star Annalisa Cochrane. They used to spend more time in rehearsal rooms off-screen. However, the actor later revealed that their relationship is nothing more than professional.

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